New tools for challenging Northern Pass

To the Editor:

Citizens nationwide are beset by intrusive corporate projects advanced in the name of progress that compromise traditional local and regional practices, environments, and values. Pipelines in the west, hydraulic fracking for natural gas in the Appalachian states, and, more locally, Hydro Quebec's Northern Pass high-rise industrial transmission lines through the White Mountain region to southern New Hampshire. New tools are being used successfully by citizens and communities across the country to assert the basic rights of citizens to act collectively as communities against top down and often impenetrable regulatory decisions that damage them.

On January 26th at Lafayette School in Franconia at 6 pm (snow date, Jan.27), public interest attorney Thomas Linzey, co-founder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, will explain the process of developing community ordinances, based on collective citizen rights to self governance, that can successfully fight imposed projects that preempt local efforts to develop, in the case of Northern Pass, sustainable solutions to energy that are consistent with regional environmental, economic, and social values. Many New Hampshire towns (Campton, Plymouth, Lancaster, Holderness, etc.) are considering or developing such ordinances.

Linzey will present information how the strategies work, examples of successful community actions, and answer questions at this important session co-sponsored by the Sugar Hill Tower Opponents (STOP) and the select boards of Sugar Hill and Easton.

Learn your rights. Please attend.

Douglas Evelyn

Sugar Hill, N.H.


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