To the Editor:

I had to chuckle recently when I heard Pres. Obama speaking on the TV.

He allowed that many people (in the millions) had visited the "Obamacare website" and a lot of Americans liked what they saw, so they bought into it. I don't believe that for a minute!

Lets look at a few facts or "truths"... something our President,( I am using that title loosely) his staff, and Members of Congress seem to not understand or abide by, unlike the "common man".

Lets make a few comparisons.

Many working Americans have looked into going to a foreign country, but they find they can not afford the cost of the trip. However, our Pres. travels all over the world, accompanied by three or more aircraft full of staff members and security staff, all of them "free of charge" and paid for by the American "workingman"/taxpayers.

Many Americans would love to go to Washington to tour OUR capital, but they do not because they can not afford the hotel costs, and the transportation expenses.

However, our Pres. travels all over Washington, other cities, and all around the world with his entourage of many staff members and vehicles with him. Again its the hardworking American taxpayers who foot the bills.

How many of us have gone to a car dealership and looked at a nice brand new car. Many of us find a vehicle that we really like but do not buy it due to the costs. Not "our Pres"....he says buy it and the taxpayers pay once again.

How many of us has gone to a Bank to get a "loan"? Likely we all have, at one time or another.

What is the first thing the bank asks for? How much "equity" do you have?" If you have none, you do not the the loan.

However, with absolutely no equity, our government just keeps on spending money that we do not have.

Talk about hypocrisy; our "government" writes the regulations that our local banks are required to have their clients abide by. That's a perfect example of: "do as I say, not as I do.

All of the "working class" in America work very hard to ensure that the wages they earn allows them to acquire many of the amenities that are provided to themselves and family members.

If, or when a "working man or woman", is unfortunate to be "laid off", those workers have to rely on their own "bankroll", and "unemployment benefits" IF they have paid into the program!

In comparison, when our President, Senator, or Congressman "leaves office", they all leave with a huge pension, "for life"; all paid for by the taxpayers.

It doesn't make any difference whether they were excellent or were not "worth a "plug nickel"they all get a huge pension. It has something to do with the "Equality Regulations".

In conclusion, I would like to remind folks of the plaque President Harry Truman, a Democrat, had made for his office desk. That plaque had just four words. "The Buck Stops Here".

There is a rumor that our current President is ordering a new plaque that says: "The Buck Get Passed Here. It's all the Republican's Fault".

That says it all!

Guess what happens when Congress" shuts down"? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Congress continues to get paid every single day. Congress voted to give themselves that little "benefit".....nice huh!

Hummm. What ever happened to that old phrase: "of the people by the people and for the people".

Why is it that when our government is in the SHUTDOWN mode our Federal employees, such as police, firemen, postal workers, and others get sent home without pay, yet the Members of Congress and the President's staff all stay on the payroll?

If we look at what has been accomplished in this current session of Congress we all can rest assured that if, " we the people" performed our job in the same way Congress is performing...................we would be booted off the job.

More importantly, our President and our Congress, including all members of the "political parties" have made America the "laughing stock" of the world! What a loss of credibility we have witnessed.

Other nations, for used to "look up" to America and to its people ... not any more.

What a pathetic position our President and all Members of Congress have put us in!

Sherb Lang

Lyndonville, Vt.


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