Open letter to Mr. Wonson

To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to (Holland Opposes Derby Wind Project). First of all, Mr. Mitch Wonson is the only member of the Holland Town Planing Commission, he is the Chairman, Secretary and only member. Mr. Wonson states that there are several water hydrants and a water line that runs along the Holland Goodall Road. The only water hydrant on the Goodall Road is a dry hydrant that is next to my property and only water line is in the brook near the dry hydrant and runs under the road onto John Wagner's property.

Mr. Wonson states that Holland opposes the wind towers, and that Holland is a small and poor town. This is not true. Mr. Wonson is the only person that I know of that opposes the wind towers. And he would like the Johnson College students to come to Holland and protest the towers. They can do this from his property not mine. My residence is a half-mile from the wind tower site.

Mr. Wonson would also like the Town of Holland School Board to give up the Australian Ballet Voting for the school budget. This way only a handful of people at the town meeting can control the outcome of the voting and not allow all the town voters to vote. I believe that we all have the right to vote even if we cannot attend the town meeting and that the Australian Ballet grants all Holland Town Voters -- the RIGHT to vote.

Mr. Wonson, YOU do not represent the residents of the Town of Holland.

Carroll Billado

Holland, Vt.


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