Ordinances - so called!

To the Editor:

After the most recent select board presentation on water and waste water upgrades to the existing facilities, I decided to take the time to research the topic.

My findings at the clerks office revealed the following. Article III - Water Systems, an act dating back to 1957. Sec. 13-200- Title - "Ordinance Regulating the Use of Public and Private Water Systems," to contain an objective and inconsistent provisions.

Lacking within the ordinance, so-called, any legal provision of control guarantee and enforcement thereof. Remember "shall" - means mandatory and "may" means permissive.

This ordinance to me is extremely permissive, allowing any property owner with appropriate space, to do their own thing, with no consequence of outcome; therefore, putting all other users of the system at risk, when it comes to increases of rate cost.

The same goes for Article II, the so-called "Ordinance Regulating the Use of Public and Private Wastewater Systems." Again no built-in legal provision of control guarantee and enforcement, thereof.

These "Ordinances," pose a greater risk than restriction when it comes to standard, for most users.

Clarification is in order because today the "game changer," when it comes to upgrades and improvement in cost. Therefore, the "rules of fair play" should be considered and set out for the benefit of everyone on each system.

By definition, these two "Ordinances," in fairness, should be rewritten and amended carefully to oblige all users.

Nancy Cohen

St. Johnsbury, Vt.

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