Out-of-state inmates

To the Editor:

It's been reported two groups are working to bring Vermont inmates back to Vermont. I've not seen a report on the reason I believe inmates have been sent to industrial/commercial prisons in the first place.

We don't need a study to tell us an offender's best chance not to re-offending is community support. Reasons not to use commercial prisons are many, but a few might be: Rapes are at 1 in 5, gangs, inmate educating fellow inmate on bigger money making crimes and out-of-state criminals visiting "friends".

Review of the constitution -- says we shall see them at their labor. This make the Supreme Court's decision WRONG when it ruled it is constitutional to send prisoners to these profit making prisons.

Those able to stop this unconstitutional action have great incentive to NOT keep inmates in Vermont. Dick Sears, judiciary chair for years and years, received in 2004: $200; 2008: $500; 2006: $500 from Corrections Corporation of America. Money well spent? Sears isn't alone. Government's most powerful received campaign contributions: Brian Dubie ('08: $250) and Jim Douglas in 2006 received $2,000 and money in '08 and '04! Peter Shumlin in 2012 received $1,000 from CCA. Secretary of State document titled Lobbyist Employer Information include Susan Bartlett, Vincent Illuzzi, Koch, Mullin, O'Donnell, Severance to name a few. 14 lobbyists are listed in this document.

Yes, there's probably a newer list; however, dealing w/Jim Condos and crew is too grueling! They don't understand who pays their huge salaries/benefits and this information is NOT secret.

Laura Brueckner

Waterbury Ctr., Vt.


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