Shumlin and legislatures drug policy

To the Editor:

S. 176 Introduced by only two senators Kitchel and Barlett (and passed by Shap Smith John Campbell -- bills don't get to committee unless these guys "move" them and signed by Shumlin) and establishes a statewide prescription drug formulary. This board develops and maintains a preferred drug list for ALL health benefit plans in Vermont. The board's selection shall consider "... adverse side effects ... cost-effectiveness." Evidence-based appears many times. This board -- can also consider manufacturer rebates and discounts. They comply with open meetings -- wait, except they can go into executive session (secret, behind "sealed" doors) " discuss drug alternatives and receive information on the relative price, net of any rebates, of a drug under discussion and the drug price in comparison to the prices, net of any rebates, of alternative drugs available in the same class to determine cost-effectiveness ... to consider information relating to a pharmaceutical rebate or to supplemental rebate agreements ..."and on and on! (1) "health benefit plan" means a health benefit plan with prescription drug coverage offered or administered by a health insurer, ...and the out-of-state counterparts to such plans." Words like best practices and cost control programs designed to reduce the cost ..., while maintaining high quality in prescription drug therapies appear through-out the bill.

Thirteen pages nullifying you, your doctor and insurance companies! Can you imagine who goes behind the closed doors? Drug companies, insurance companies? Who?

§ 4635 STATEWIDE PREFERRED DRUG LIST -- NOT one person in government objected to the oxy drugs being widely prescribed in the place of whatever your doctor and you decided. If the oxys are soooo bad why hasn't Gov. Shumlin stopped the sales with Executive Order or fired the drug board?

My guess is created drug addicts will become cheap labor for big/international companies. Drug courts will sentence to education (that's is a new real estate tax) with subsidized wages, housing, health care, food etc. those "qualified because not everyone will be able to work well for big business. These legally drugged person (methodone medicated) will then compete for jobs working for low wages because they will have their life-styles subsidies by the middle class. Why else would your elected create the drug culture?

Drug addiction costs have NOT a part of the drug cost consideration.

Laura Brueckner

Waterbury Center, Vt.


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