We used to soar with the eagles

To the Editor:

We used to soar with the eagles, now all we have to soar with is vultures, buzzards and drones. Nothing against the birds. My New Year's wish is that our politicians would stop their lying. Both state and federal. They all should read the story about Pinocchio. If you tell the truth you don't have to think about what you said yesterday, in case you were asked.

By the way Mr. Shumlin, we have three dictionaries in our home. I've looked through all three and I cannot find the word "nothing burger."

Why don't you, Mr. Shumlin, take some of that deer meat you got last fall, run it through a grinder, cook it and put it on a bun. That way you would have a deer burger. I'm sure it would taste a lot better and easier to swallow than some of the stuff you are asking us to swallow.

In the state of the state address, I never heard a thing about them trying to come up with ways to lower our debt, both state and federal.

Why are they so afraid of our constitution? It's worked for 200 years or better. When they took the oath were they telling the truth when they said "So Help Me God?"

We used to soar with the eagles.

Louis Cheney

Peacham, Vt.


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