St. J. not getting better

To the Editor:

There was some hope that when the new town manager was hired and a new select board was voted in, that things in the town of St. Johnsbury would get better. Well, they haven't. The town offices are bloated with several high paid people and the select board just tries to find new ways to tax the taxpayers. My especially favorite tactic is what selectman Tom Moore is proposing. He is contemplating sending water and sewer bills to those of us outside the village area and not on the municipal water and sewer system. If we receive a water and sewer bill will Mr. Moore repair or replace our wells and septic systems when needed? I doubt it. So, those of us outside the village area will be billed for a service we don't receive. What's next?

It's time for the town manager and the select board to start saying no to the school board and the teachers union. I especially like what one school official stated in the paper recently. She stated that "if we spend more on the schools it will increase property values and bring in new businesses." Higher taxes don't increase property values or bring in new businesses. Just the opposite happens.

Well, I'll see you at the polls in March. Please carefully consider for what and whom your voting for.

Richard Kettinger

St. Johnsbury Center, Vt.


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