MLK as a school holiday

To the Editor:

In its May 11, 2013 edition, The Boston Globe, the New England newspaper of record, contained a news item that I found embarrassing to all Vermonters. In it's "New England in brief" column, a story off the AP wire datelined St. Johnsbury, Vt., caught my eye. Captioned "School Board may end MLK holiday," the piece included the following statement attributed to School Director Tony Greenwood. He states "the school does not get days off for Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln." Hello, where was he in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Feb. 12 was Lincoln's Birthday, Feb. 22, Washington's Birthday. At some point, Right Wing reactionary zealots from the hinterlands thought that Presidents Day would be better. They really had no "beef" with Lincoln, even though he freed the slaves. You buy that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you at a bargain price.

St. Johnsbury and the Northeast Kingdom have a deserved or undeserved reputation as a haven for Right Wing Reactionary Zealotry. Certainly The Caledonian-Record Newspaper makes a large contribution through its editorial page toward bolstering that reputation. Ethan Allen Institute does its level best to support that reputation and inhibit human development with its screeds. But a school director. He's elected. He should have some kind of an educational background, right. I guess 50% +1 say no. Hello. You cry about no jobs. You've got EB 5 staring you in the face, and you've got this kind of thinking on the school board. Do you have a Community Economic Development Office? Probably not, costs too much. Is the Fire Truck back on line yet. Probably not. Too expensive. EB 5 provides you with great opportunities to develop. But by electing right wing zealots, opportunities dry up. Lose cannons affect all of us. When you cast a ballot, do so responsibly. Check the evidence. Deductively reason.

Donald MacDonald

Burlington, Vt.


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