Stand up St. Johnsbury

To the Editor:

People of St. Johnsbury rise up and do something about this horribly embarrassing situation you are in. You have a beautiful town with a lot of people working hard to make it thrive. Don't let the current circus of selectmen bring you down.

The more I read, it seems like you have two selectmen who actually realize how bad things have gotten while the other two remain puppets for Mr. Rust. I had high hopes for Bernie Timson when he got elected and never realized he would quickly become a puppet.

Mr. Rust has only one agenda and that is "His Agenda." He obviously doesn't care what's best for the town. Why when a well-respected contractor wants to donate his work do you choose to spend the town's money when you don't need to? Is there perhaps something coming your way? Why when you have very well qualified, highly respected candidates for the position of interim Town Manager do you not even consider the applications? Perhaps because you have handpicked the one you want in that office because they too will be your puppet. I guess until I see a resume more impressive than the ones who didn't even get an interview I can't be too impressed.

Mr. Rust wants to be the Town Manager and that's why he wanted to get rid of the last one. He is a little nervous about giving up his position as selectman because he needs that power too. With a puppet as Town Manager he can have both jobs. He needs to learn he is a selectman not a dictator. He should be one of five and a team player.

My husband has served our town as a selectman for many years. Even though there are problems that come up from time to time the board has always worked together as a board for the good of the town. Please St. J. selectmen rise up and take back your town while there is still something worth taking.

Cheryl Noyes

West Burke, Vt.


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