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Support For Higley's Re-election - Don Turner Jr.

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Support for Higley's re-election

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter to ask that you please support Mark Higley in his campaign to be re-elected to the Vermont House of Representatives. Serving with Mark the last four years, has given me an opportunity to see just how hard he has worked to insure that you and your concerns were represented in Montpelier. His efforts have earned him much respect from me and our legislative colleagues. He is a proven leader with a solid voting record of protecting your interests and especially those that effect the Northeast Kingdom. He is very active in his committee and has contributed to many discussions on the floor of the House. Mark always states his opinions in a fair and positive manner even if the majority disagrees.

As a self employed contractor, Lister and part-time grader operator for the Town of Lowell, Mark is easily accessible to you and is always willing to listen to your concerns. Mark is a thoughtful person and a good listener who cares deeply for his family and his community. He has always been active in and a supporter of the community. Whether it is maple sugaring, representing you in Montpelier or contributing financially to a local cause, Mark has been there for you.

As your representative, he has been called upon to vote on many diverse and difficult issues. I ask that you not focus solely on the wind issue when casting your vote. Please take into account all of the other positive things that he has done and will continue to do for you and the Northeast Kingdom if re-elected. He is a good guy and most everyone believes that renewable energy sources have to be part of the states energy plan if we are going to keep our energy rates affordable. How you accomplish this goal is debatable and I am sure that Mark is paying attention to your concerns as he makes his way around the district going door to door. Mark learns quickly and has tried to balance the unique interests of each town in his district. He is a conscientious and dedicated legislator who has spoke openly about the struggles that come with competing town interests within one's legislative district. Yet he is still able to keep an open mind when making difficult legislative decisions about the future of our state. I assure you that before casting his vote, Mark Higley always considers what is in the best interest of his constituents and the community.

Mark Higley is and will continue to be an excellent representative for your community in the legislature. However, he needs your help, please join me in supporting his bid for re-election and cast your vote for Mark Higley on November 6, 2012.


Rep. Don Turner Jr., House Minority Leader

Milton, Vt.


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