Support Vermont farmers and foresters

To the Editor:

We support the Working Lands Enterprise Investment Bill (H. 496) and we encourage all Vermonters to support this bill as well. Vermont's agriculture and forestry are her most powerful assets along with her indomitable citizens. Farming and forestry are the economic and social driving forces in our state. At the same time our agriculture and forestry have a very difficult time in our current economic climate. H. 496 is a giant step in the right direction to help our farming and forestry-related businesses survive and thrive into the future.

We are so pleased that the House has approved 2 million in funding for the first year of this bill and trust that the Senate will support this funding too! We want to thank our legislators for their continued work and support of this bill.

For more information please see:

Alice H. Allen

Wells River, Vt.


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