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The Greater Threat -- John Kroeger

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The greater threat

To the Editor:

Why is it we as Christians and non Christians alike so often miss what is right before our eyes? We bemoan the lack of liberty and freedoms in a country on the other side of the world, but we sit back while more of our liberties and freedoms are taken away by the very people we IGNORANTLY elect over and over again to run our government.

As the Christian remnant still here, we are the Hope of the Great Country. Our forefathers were the creators and builders of this Great Nation. God's blessings was poured out upon our country because of consistent prayers and actions of our forefathers and those who came before us, but as so often happened as in the Old Testament Israel, later generations became SOFT and COMPLACENT as we are now doing, and we turned away from God's commandments and they lost the blessings and protection.

June of this year 2014, Former President Ronald Reagan (Our Last Strong and Patriot President) ten years ago, was honored of his state funeral. "President Ronald Reagan made a powerful statement, "If we as a Nation forget we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, then we will be a NATION Gone Under.

Our world is a very different place than it was a few years ago. We face a constant and external enemy that is growing in power and size at a terrifying rate. Our enemies primary goal is to destroy Americans and Israel. If you have any doubts regarding this statement, just listen to the news. (FOX NEWS). The other news medias hide the truth.

Radical Islam threatens our lives, our country, our way of life, even our freedoms to worship our Lord. Again, we are often blinded to what is right before our eyes; because an equal and perhaps even worse threat is not a new power evolving, but an Old Power that is decaying and being wiped away. The threat right under our noses is ongoing destruction of the nation God has richly blessed-The United States of America.

Our Country, our forefathers that sacrificed and died, just like thousands of American men and women, died to create and maintain our freedoms. Just look and observe what is happening on our borders. Thousands of illegal immigrants are entering into our country. President? Obama is requesting congress to hand over 3.9 billion of your tax dollars to educate, give them health care and assign them with legal help.

Unlike any other government before, ours was one where all rights not given to the government in the Constitution belong to the PEOPLE and not to our enemy.

What our so called elected officials are doing, making more laws and ordinances, not only cost the taxpayers, but it makes the government stronger and we as Americans, weaker. We, the United States, are hurting in many ways and our allies in other parts of the world DO NOT look upon us as a strong nation. We are not a shining nation nor a good example, it diminishes us and our power to be an example to help others to rise up to something better and positive.

If we continue the current trend, we abandon our children and grandchildren with great debt, and we dishonor our forefathers, including the men and women that sacrifice their lives. We as Americans, each and every one of us, go on your knees in prayer, and then get off your butts and walk because the water is rising before are flooded; because it's a pretty good analogy that a disaster is coming real soon, unless we turn the tide and be bold and speak out and express the wrongs that the Obama Administration is making each day. Let your VOICE be heard throughout our country. (It's not too late-take a strong stand).

John Kroeger

Waterford, Vt.


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