The international plutocratic monolith

To the Editor:

In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson says, "that governments derive their just (lawful) power from the consent of the governed."

The chain of delegated power lies in the inhabitants of the several states. In other words, the power people have they can bestow upon the government. You do not have the right to bestow upon the government a power you individually do not possess. I am speaking of organized thievery in the name of government (taxes).

The founders agreed a direct tax was tyranny. A direct tax is tyranny when it is placed upon "Sovereign Individuals" that own property, however, through a series of legal maneuvers the status of "Sovereign Individual" has been changed to "corporate citizen."

Our country has been changed from a Confederation of Sovereign States to a corporation, after the civil war.

Another change legally happened during the Great Depression. The Congress declared bankruptcy in HJR 192 (1933). The bankruptcy changed the lawful status of the people as debtors, meaning we no longer possessed things of substance to barter with. (Gold).

The government then gave the people an all-debt, at interest, money supply, leaving everything we purchase, using the bank owned product (Federal Reserve Notes), under what is lawfully known as, "cloud on title."

The government and banks have colluded to move the Inhabitants of the several states out from common law, barter, and free enterprise to a Uniform Commercial Code (Commerce Clause), all credit monopoly system. Public law 94-564.

In 1934 Congress removed the courts from practicing common law under the "Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Act."

In 1966, Congress passed the "Federal Tax Lien Act" placing the entire tax and monetary system under the Uniform Commercial Code. Public law 89-719.

"He (the king) ... subjects us to a foreign jurisdiction to our constitution ... giving assent to their acts of pretended legislation," says Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.

Foreign jurisdiction? You mean Uniform Commercial Code instead of Constitutional and Common Law.

The governments of the United States need to be brought back under the Law of the Land.

Our country needs to be, of the people, and not of a small cabal of super rich industrialists and old money (royalty) financiers.

The truth is our country has been overthrown behind the scenes. The country is what is known under law as "defacto; unlawful, but in effect."

Do we continue to let this unaccountable insider cabal divide us into right and left, or do we step outside of their box and act against their International Plutocratic Monolith.

William Flick

Barnet, Vt.


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