The Meaning of Christmas

To the Editor:

When I was young and sat on Mother's knee,

She used to tell of God's love for me.

As the years passed and I went to school,

I learned about the Golden Rule.

I learned how to read and write-

That's when I questioned what's wrong or right.

When I reached the teens, I thought I knew best;

I thought I knew more than all the rest.

As years went by, life was grand-

Things were going as I had planned.

I married a woman as I was in love;

She was not always a "turtle dove."

When things went wrong, I would say,

"I'm going to the barn and pitch some hay."

As I milked the cows and the milk came out,

I'd rethink what life was all about.

Then it came to me what Mother had said

As I would kneel beside my bed.

That salvation comes through God's grace,

Whose Son was born in a simple place.

As we learn of Christ and His few years,

He'll speak to us and remove all fears.

It makes no difference whether young or old,

The story of love has forever been told.

Whether rich or poor, the message will call-

His redeeming love is there for all!

Now, it's Christmas time you see:

Pretend you're young and on God's knee.

Through His words He'll reveal to thee,

The perfect gift of eternity!

Hez Somers

Barnet, Vt.


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