The Necessary

To the Editor:

I'm fairly certain that most of us have been to someone's house in which was found a room and a sign stating "Necessary Room." A quick look inside will give ample understanding as to what is "necessary." Defining the word gives further understanding of what is going on when something is necessary: essential, required, needed, basic, vital and so on. Something taking place around us needs to be thoroughly addressed and changed if it is necessary.

Imagine then what the use of the word necessary meant to those living in the 13 American colonies, as well as King George III and members of Parliament on 1776, July 4th. "When in the course of human events it becomes NECESSARY..." These words were followed with a stated decision to become free from English rule.

Now sadly and erroneously we have been led to believe for too long that the events that followed were a war of revolution. The colonists are accused of revolting against English control, law, and rule. If you read the entire Declaration of Independence you will note a listing of 26 grievances; legal claims of how George and his minions had sought to subjugate colonists even by use of invading British soldiers! Theirs was a defensive war for independence not a revolution!

Given the many ways in which the individual liberty of American citizens has been reduced or removed in the course of at least the last 100 years one must wonder, that if individual liberty is as important as life to you, at what point will we find ourselves having to say..."enough already, we are weary of the perpetual changes coming through government regulations, programs, bureaucrats that limit or destroy the freedoms once won for us by our courageous founders"? Colonists didn't just take up arms to fend off British soldiers eating their food and living in their homes. Oh, no... Over many years they said in their declaration that "in every stage of these Oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms...and we have been answered only by repeated injury." It had become NECESSARY for them to declare they must be free!

Well, we know about a necessary room don't we...but do we understand the necessity of having again restored room in our lives to live without the government always poking around telling us what we can or can't do, and listening to every conversation? Eternal vigilance is the NECESSARY price of liberty -- are we awake or asleep?

John Simpson

Lyman, N.H.


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