St. Johnsbury needs more revenue

To the Editor:

They don't have to look very far. All they have to do is stop spending money they don't have, which is our money, and start cutting staff which is not needed. Cut staff at the Academy and cut their pay about 10 percent.

There are too many people who worked for the Academy on the select board and board for school taxes and the Charter should be changed that the position for town manager be an elected official by the people.

There are enough people who work for this town and state who travel over the roads in this town, but the people of this town have to call and report where the potholes are in town.

I hope they do the pipes on Railroad Street before the state fixes the road. If not, they will tear up the road to do the pipes and have to fix the road at our expense.

When the water pipes break and after they fix them, you have to pay for the rusty water that you run to get it clear and pay sewer tax on it. Also, if you water your garden you pay sewer tax but it but it doesn't go into sewer.

George Treagus

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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