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To the Editor:

I gotta say, reading Todd Smith's response to Jim Rust's statement in open court that he doesn't believe anything he reads in The Caledonian-Record, and that anyone that believes something they read in The Caledonian-Record is "sad", I could certainly understand why he would take exception to that.

Let me state for the record (if you'll pardon the expression) that when I read in The Caledonian-Record that someone got arrested for drunk driving, I believe that.

When The Caledonian-Record tells me that such and such a church is having a chicken pie supper, or that certain roads in Danville will be closed due to ongoing construction, I don't question that.

When The Caledonian-Record tells me someone else was arrested on domestic violence charges, I believe that. And when the Caledonian-Record prints the name of that person's alleged victim, or the names of juveniles charged with crimes, I believe they are speaking the truth in those circumstances also.

But when The Caledonian-Record misrepresents the name of a group opposing health care reforms in Vermont, not once, but twice, in such a fashion that gives the impression that the group in question's goals are the diametric opposite of what they actually are, I take issue with that.

("Caledonian-Record doubles down on health care reform disinformation" -Letters, 3/1/2012)

When I await a retraction that never comes, in the face of the newspaper's transparent attempt to disinform, I take issue with that as well.

And when The Caledonian-Record prints a column by Geoffrey Norman and identifies his (now-idle) Vermont Tiger blog as a "non-partisan, non-profit advocacy and media enterprise", knowing full well as I do, as should (and probably does) the newspaper, that Tiger was a nakedly partisan shout channel for the Vermont Republican Party, I take issue with that as well.

Yes, the Caledonian tells the truth MOST of the time. But when you don't, I, for one, notice.

My suggestion to Todd Smith would be for him to work to see that the Caledonian is truthful at ALL times, even when truth conflicts with its political agenda.

Perhaps then, he won't get his little fee-fees hurt like that again by big meanies like Jim Rust.

Eddie Garcia

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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