'Little Too Wet Behind the Ears for Me ....' Vote Alan Franklin

To the Editor:

So hence reading Kimball Johnson's "Letter to the Editor" in Wednesday's NDE I feel the need to inform him and the rest of the facts. I attended a Republican Candidate "Meet and Greet" last month and I heard Ms. Barrett speak. I was unimpressed with her presentation. While she may have tried a lot of cases in BENNINGTON County, we don't know the results and whatever else she may have done. There is a lot more to being Orleans County State's Attorney or ANY State's Attorney's position than just trying cases. She made a statement at that forum that that she was a Deputy State's Attorney during her SIX MONTHS here after being hired by Orleans County State's Attorney Alan Franklin. However, that is inaccurate. During the time she was here THREE YEARS ago, she wasn't yet an attorney, as she was preparing for the Bar Exam. It's my understanding that she did try 2 misdemeanor cases under Alan Franklin's direct supervision.

�So in reading Mr. Johnson's letter, it would appear that this inaccuracy is being perpetrated by Ms. Barrett. Mr. Kimball says that she started here as a State's Attorney when that is not the case. I have also read that she bolted here at the first chance for full time work.

�I also attended the State's Attorney's "debate" last week and was no more impressed. Mr. Franklin was measured and thoughtful under attack by Ms. Barrett. She again showed her inexperience and naivete and had to backtrack track a couple of times. She also brought Mr. Franklin's wife into the fray unnecessarily. Mr. Franklin consistently took the high road throughout, though was rightfully indignant at the mention of his spouse.

�It's interesting that Ms. Barrett has faced little local scrutiny while Mr. Franklin performs many of his duties in open court in front of the press.

�A lawyer of LESS than three years, residing 200 miles away is in no way qualified to be Orleans County State's Attorney. I urge all of you to support our Orleans County State's Attorney Alan next week's Republican Primary and again in November.

Marin Gardyne

Derby, Vt.


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