Another unsung hero nominee

To the Editor:

I have a nominee for one of this year's Unsung Heroes awards -- a person whom has been deserving for many years and it is about time to honor him along with the others whom are dedicated to the Community of St. Johnsbury in their own respective ways.

It is an honor to nominate Mr. David Timson of Kingdom Community Services; Dave is an American with Disabilities Act representative for the Northeast region and if one needs to find out rules and regulations about handicapped persons and the proper services and regulations etc. all one has to do is to call Dave. He is very good at what he does and never makes a big deal out of the fact that he is heavily involved in many community service organizations and one of the towns ambassadors of good welcome and travel information etc.

Often times Dave can be found at MacDonalds after 8 p.m. having a coffee and greeting folks who come into town from the road. There's Dave's always smiling face welcoming people into the Northeast Kingdom and giving information on places to stay, answering questions about town, etc. Dave is the epitome of what a good-will ambassador should be.

Dave's suggestions at the K.C.S. meetings are often times an idea not thought of or has a new slant on the current problem of how to repair a certain situation. There is not enough that one can say about Mr. Dave Timson and I truly hope he may be included in this year's group of Unsung Hero Nominees.

My wife and I are members at large of the board of Kingdom Community Services, the very same board that Mr. Timson is a member of, as just one of his many talents. Dave is a treasure and deserves this great honor.

One of the nicest things about Dave is that he never brings attention to what he does, he truly loves people and likes what he does. A really big donation of beanie babies with the plastic still on the tags making them worth perhaps a large amount of money was donated by Dave to the recent yearly K.C.S. yard sale and Dave never asked or any accolades however I feel he deserves this.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter!!

Rev. Leo C. and Debbie Merchant

Springfield, Ohio


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