In response to 'Stranger than Fiction' editorial

To the Editor:

"Stranger Than Fiction" is the headline of your April 8 editorial, an excoriation of a transgendered person in a Massachusetts prison. Regardless of your opinion of this person's desire for a surgical change in sexual identity and regardless of your opinion about whether or not taxpayers should foot the bill, you should be deeply embarrassed by the language you chose in the closing paragraph: "The way we'd do it would take thirty seconds and cost no more than a hatchet and a band aid."

Your choice of words and sentiment are violent. Your intent is degrading. Your insult is hurled at not only transgendered people but at the entire community and most of all, at yourself. I am embarrassed for the Caledonian-Record and for any visitor who happens upon this editorial while perhaps also contemplating this as a town worth living in. This is a self serving, prejudiced and vicious editorial.

Libby Hillhouse

Ryegate, Vt.


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