Vote for good government: vote Senator Jeanie Forrester

To the Editor:

Two years ago I supported Jeanie Forrester for District 2 State Senator and I must confess it was one of the best decisions I've made.

Senator Forrester has been one of the best constituent representative's we have had and she truly serves all the people in District 2. She is hard working and a well respected leader in Concord and serves on the important the Senate Finance Committee and is Vice Chair of the Public & Municipal Affairs Committee.

The Senator also serves on many other important Commissions, Committees and Boards. One of those boards is the Current Use Advisory Board (CUAB) where she has spent a great deal of time learning how important Current Use is to the Forest Industry, as well as to Ag and Forest Landowners in District 2. She also recognizes that this has a positive impact on recreation activities such as hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.

She has worked on many bills over the past two years for New Hampshire citizens. I would like to share two of many that were signed into law: 1). House Bill 648 which protects private property owners from a taking of their land by Eminent Domain. 2). Senate Bill 382 which sets up a procedure for the towns to prorate your tax bill on a home that was destroyed by fire or natural disaster. The NH tax year is April 1st to March 31st. Prior to this bill being passed (Senator Forrester introduced SB 328), if your home was destroyed you still had to pay property taxes until the end of the tax year. Hard to believe that anyone would have to pay taxes on nothing more than a burned out cellar hole but it was happening and Senator Forrester corrected this problem for our citizens.

Please join me in voting for "Good Government" by re-electing Senator Jeanie Forrester on Nov. 6, 2012.

Thank you,

Tom Thomson

Orford, N.H.


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