Vote for my wife

To the Editor:

My wife Donna Devlin is the best choice for State Representative for Grafton District 1. Throughout our marriage I've watched her put others needs first, my own included. I'm a disabled veteran who can be a most unpleasant person. Donna has and continues to be there for me on all days--good and bad.

A visionary with the ability to make tough decisions, when she left the corporate tv world to champion disabled athletes, everyone said she was crazy. Because of her, many of us elite disabled competitors now have sponsorship and media exposure--just like our able bodied counterparts. She embodies the words tenacity and dedication.

With one of the largest governments in the world, NH needs a person that's a great negotiator so our North Country needs are met. Donna is that. Most politicians come with a personal, private interest or partisan agenda. We need someone that will come with OUR agenda. Donna has gotten out every day, and truly listened to the voters, which she'll continue to do once elected. Littleton and Bethlehem will be represented by a true public servant with no "axe to grind". How do I know that? Look at the evidence--she's already been doing that! She walks the walk and talks the talk. She'll continue to listen to our requirements here in Grafton One and make those paramount in the State House.

I support her with all my heart. I'm proud as can be of my Honey and know that she will put people first and "git 'er done" for us all.

Chris Devlin-Young

US Coast Guard, Retired

World, Paralympic, X Games and US Ski Champion

Bethlehem, N.H.


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