Vote for the Tteachers' contract

To the Editor:

At the polls next Tuesday, I would like to encourage citizens in the White Mountains Regional School District to vote for Article 3, the teachers contracts because it is in the best interest of the district to do so. Initially there is quite a sum of money involved, but in the end it will cost taxpayers less because staff will be paying more of their own health care benefits. And the administrators, something like 16 or so of them who get all health insurance cost paid for them by the district, will begin paying what the teachers pay. The enormous cost of the Cadillac version of health insurance currently shouldered by taxpayers in the district will be shared by the users. That's been the outcry from the public for years and now we need to vote yes to get it done. We pay less, they pay more of insurance costs.

Also in that package is accountability. As I've said many times before teaching is where the rubber hits the road. Teaching students is what the system was designed to support and needs to be the first consideration. Encourage excellence and bring the less effective instructors to a better level. Our students need to be able to perform at the college level or in the work place or we need to know the reason why not. We can't afford to shortchange the kids. Please vote yes on Article 3 to keep education moving in the right direction.

For the SAU 36 school board, I urge you to vote for Randy Boggess, who has been instrumental in the cleanup of many district problems and for Becky Matthews from Whitefield.

To clarify another point, any registered voter in the five towns that comprise the district can vote for any candidate in any of the other towns too and not just the board candidate in the town in which you are a resident. People seem unsure about that issue. Tuesday, March 13 is the day to vote.

Arlene Allin

Lancaster, N.H.


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