Vote NO to IROC!

To the Editor:

IROC, slated for foreclosure on April 1, is soliciting funds from Northeast Kingdom towns in an effort to continue limping along.

I have lived in Vermont since 1981, where for many years I was an electrical contractor in the Mad River Valley. You do not build a metal building in Vermont to house a swimming pool. There are indications of indiscriminate chlorination, resulting in evidence that oxidation has destroyed that end of the building. Chlorine eats copper wire for lunch, so wiring is now questionable due to chlorine contamination in the air.

IROC obviously has not been paying a mortgage and still is having financial problems, so how will those problems be resolved by obtaining yet another mortgage?

The original intent of the building was a hockey arena which actually might have succeeded; however, at this point in time, there is also much deferred maintenance that I would assume would come to light if an attempt was made to refinance and an inspection of the property was done.

As a contractor, I donated services to a variety of non-profit endeavors and was informed that I could take a deduction on my taxes for the value of the services rendered, as I assume professionals donating services to IROC also do.

As I tell my children, "Nobody likes to hear the truth, including me."

Carmen Barone

Newport, Vt.


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