Vt. electric board candidates

To the editor:

There have been a couple Vermont Electric Co-op members who have written letters supporting various candidates for the position of Director at Large, East Zone presently occupied by Tom Bailey of Derby. Since previous letters have been authored by people not on the VEC Board of Directors, I think it's only appropriate that our voters should have some 'inside' information.

I was elected as the Director for District 1 about three years ago and have worked with Tom as Board President in regular meetings, special meetings and committee meetings. My background includes upper-level leadership positions in both government and private corporations, which means that I've seen scores of executives.

I must say that Tom Bailey is among the very best that I've encountered. He oversees our Board meetings with quiet authority, while maintaining a sense of fair play, objectivity and boardroom decorum. Tom deftly keeps us on track, or guides us back to the issue if necessary, without ruffling any feathers and ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to express his/her opinions. This one ability, by itself, deserves acclaim ... imagine trying to keep order in a room with 11 other Directors, each with an irrepressible opinion and each determined to express themselves simultaneously.

Tom's knowledge and ability in the management ranks of Citizen's Utilities afforded him the opportunity to be one of the first Directors to serve on the new Board after VEC had purchased Citizen's. His intimate knowledge of the industry from both an operational and administrative perspective makes him uniquely qualified for his present position. Under Tom's guidance, the VEC Board has kept the lights on, the rates low and the co-op efficiency at an all-time high.

Please vote for Tom Bailey...leadership through experience.

Don Worth

Island Pond, Vt.


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