We're paying for it

To the Editor:

I keep hearing "Let the state pay for it or let the federal government pay for it." Don't these people know who the state and who the federal government is? Every time your taxes go up you holler like hell, but it is your own fault because you keep saying let the state or the feds pay for it.

In case people don't know who the state and fed government is, I will tell you that it is you and me and everyone who is a citizen and pays taxes. Also, when you vote for all the appropriations at town meeting, it amounts to thousands of dollars that come out of your taxes and a lot of these services we already pay taxes to support them, so it's kind of like double taxation, which, if I'm not wrong, double taxation was abolished years ago by one of our better presidents.

Thanks again for letting me spew off.

Reginald Carpenter

North Troy, Vt.


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