What a shame

To the Editor:

It is scary world when a few people with money can change the whole aspect of life for everyone in the state of Vermont. In case you are wondering what I am talking about it is the smoking laws (it has been 1 1/2 years since I stopped) which made the price five times what they did cost. My favorite laws I hate is the helmet and seatbelt law for adults.

It is funny how the liberals say if you get hurt on a motorcycle without a helmet or in a car accident without a seatbelt than their insurance premiums are going to be higher. I don't know if you all realized that they are controlling what kids and adults can eat in public and before long it will be in your home also. Look at what they made all the fast food chains do with less or no fried food. If these liberal politicians need to try and control the population which is their purpose on earth I can live with them wanting to control kids which is not working to well since kids are being locked up in jail for smoking cigarettes and then learning the street life from the ones in jail.

I do not know where to go except if the courts will put the real criminals in jail for longer than a couple weeks on work crew and then they give them an apartment on the outside paid for free and clear and give them checks to live off and buy their drugs and alcohol and whatever else they want.

I don't know if you noticed all the Mass. and N.Y. people that are getting busted up here? Do you know why they come up here? It is because of the laws that are so easy and the time they serve and compared to from where they come from this jail is a playground and vacation land. So if the politicians or judges in this state start taking care of this instead of other things then we would be a lot better off.

So if any of those politicians just happen to fall across this article then maybe they will wake up and try to do something about it.

Please help us small people in this state because we need you and not you doing a political meeting just to show off. Come and meet a lot of us in person by just popping in for a coffee at the diner without all the press or just walk around our towns and talk to people without all the media attention so it will show the people you are there to help them and not doing it for the publicity.

Thanks for listening and I hope you politicians start taking care of our state so the LOCALS can still live here without paying more than they can make just to pay taxes on land that has been in the family for years. I believe in the next 20 years or so there will be very few natives in this beautiful state that a lot of us call home and yes we are NATIVES no matter what anybody says. But that is another story so we will talk about that one at another time.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury


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