The changing portrait of the nation

To the Editor:

In the Classics Corner of a recent issue of the Saturday Evening Post is a beautiful picture of a young couple in bed. The exhausted husband is face down sleeping with his hand hanging on the floor. The wife is sitting up with her arms extended exuding a loving smile. Three rugrats are climbing onto the bed, two of them crying. Outside the window of their modest home a lightening storm brews. This is the dream of every decent man.

Artists such as Norman Rockwell used his canvas to show us the mirrored beauty of America. That America has changed. If Rockwell was with us today, what would he be forced to paint as a portrait of the nation?

Instead of a painting of a little boy assisting an elderly woman across the street would he display to us a governor smiling as he scams his neighbor? Rather than a veteran saluting the flag with pride would we be entertained by a print of the president putting the Constitution through a shredder with his nose held high toward heaven? The old would have shared a country doctor at the bedside of a sick child. Would the new sight be of a doctor with dollar signs in his eyes as he stands by a tray of bloody baby bits telling his young female patient that all her mistakes are now hidden? And are they really? Would the old picture of a husband and wife embracing at the park while their little one plays cowboy be replaced with two men tongue kissing in front of a confused adopted son? Rather than a painting of three generations sitting together in church would Norman show us a near empty building with a priest holding a young boy in his lap leaving the sick future to our own imaginations?

America needs to change. All of our so-called strides forward have brought us to our knees. May I suggest we all change.

Young men and women, find someone of the opposite sex, fall in love, marry and have a family as God and nature intended. If you are a man walking around in women's clothing, get help. Encouragement to continue is not help. It is shame.

Take your family to church. If your church has pedophile priests and promotes homosexual marriage you my brother and sister are in the wrong church.

Vote with intelligence and concern for America. I still hear those who loved Billy-Bob as president because he redefined sex in the White House. What he did was turn a sacred institution into a brothel. Grow up voters!

If Norman Rockwell was with us today I fear he would throw away his brush and easel. Is America finished or can we return to the days of America's beauty? It is a decision shared by all Americans and must be followed up by actions. If you don't, who will?

Paul Corbeil

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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