What's good for Sutton

To the Editor:

I think The Caledonian-Record does a good job reporting for the town of Sutton as far as you are required to. Yours is not to investigate but report. Mrs. Lay feels that is not the case and she also finds fault with our past town clerk Mrs Devenger. Probably not fair in view of the circumstances.

Any errors made in the past are there and all in all Mrs. Devenger did a good job for the town of Sutton.

Times change as do town clerks and other officials. That change is natural, but the allegations made against Mr. Morrow appear to be fabricated or at the very least unsubstantiated. The voters of the town of Sutton will have their chance to listen to each candidate and then make up their minds at the town meeting. Its my understanding that we also will have an additional town meeting to ratify the business conducted at the meeting next week. I am also confident that the selectmen and the moderator will make sure that each candidate, for an elected town office, will have an opportunity to speak on their own behalf if they so choose.

In closing, I wish to remind those that choose to accuse others that they should look in their own closets first. I am sure we all want what's good for Sutton there is just different ways to get there.

Kurt Nygren

Sutton, Vt.


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