Why vote?

To the Editor:

Two primary reasons: (1) It's your responsibility, and (2) It's your privilege to protect your FREEDOM (s) and your FAITH.

I remember when the Iraqi war ended, ALL the Iraqi men and women celebrated and proudly showed off their purple - stained index finger, telling the world that they had just voted for the first time in their country.

We Americans and mainly Christians and other denomination can find more excuses not to vote. Inconvenience, no time, I don't like the Candidates, didn't research the issues and my VOTE will not make a difference.

The United States is at a spiritual and moral crossroads. It's not a change that most Americans want for our children and grandchildren. Government in every level is increasingly dismissive, even hostile to people's Faith in civic and political affairs. The MORAL FABRIC of our country is slowly but steadily unraveling and rapidly changing our CONSTITUTION. Our courts and schools continue to suppress public expressions of Faith, eroding the hard earned freedoms that were and still being fought by our men and women of our military. Our men and women will continue to fight and secure these freedoms for ALL generations.

I am reminded of the words of Abraham Lincoln who, in a time of grave national perils, proclaimed that our NATION should set aside a day for prayer. To acknowledge our transgressions and should do so "yet with assure hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon."

Millions of Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction as a nation. In fact, a recent survey by pollster Scott Rasmussen verified that fact.

Statistics tell us that many Christians and other denominations will not register nor vote this coming election. Based on David Barton who is the founder and head of WallBuilders, stated that there are 60-65 million evangelicals in the country. If we all voted - and voted our professed biblical values - we could change each and every election, including this upcoming one of November 6, 2012.

They and ALL American's actually hold the key to this coming election. We could influence the next President, Senator's and Congressmen.

Bottom line, please register and vote your values.

John Kroeger

Waterford, Vt.


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