Wind turbine chaos

To the Editor:

Lessons can be learned from wind projects already in operation. In proposing a plan for 20 wind turbines in Ferdinand, Seneca Mountain Wind is either ignoring or dismissing the problems encountered by the Sheffield and Lowell wind projects. Transmission upgrades may involve more than changing poles. Ignoring impacts to wildlife and natural ecosystems will endanger a fragile environment. Allowing wind turbines to be built within a half mile of neighbors will unduly impact them with wind turbine noise and infrasound, threatening their health and well being.

Wind developers from Connecticut are getting ready to court the citizens of Eden in order to construct six wind turbines on the ridgeline south of the Lowell Wind Project. Vermont Electric was hired to run a feasibility study for this wind project and concluded that, because of a weak transmission infrastructure, it was not a sound idea. For the same reason, David Hallquist, CEO of Vermont Electric, has come out against the Seneca Mountain project in Essex County.

The Northeast Kingdom has been invaded by an army of developers, bearing false promises and lots of money. What once was a safe haven for wildlife, boasting a robust natural environment and an independent way of life, is now under siege by developers who are looking out for their own best interests. How long are small financially strapped communities going to keep accepting "bribe" money and empty promises from developers, so they can continue to destroy our most valuable ridgelines? How long will the people of this region tolerate this blatant exploitation of our natural environment and the people who live in it?

Richard Rumery

Newport Center, Vt.


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