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Windmills, Politics and Religion

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Windmills, politics and religion

To the Editor:

Wind turbines, no noise. It's about time people start telling the truth. My husband, 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren visited the Sheffield site. We walked underneath the windmills. The little noise we heard was the air conditioner cooling off the electrical.

Our Vermont summers are brief. Labor Day, school, county fairs, get your knee socks out. No need for the conditioner. Mother nature will do the cooling.

My Peterson bird books read that bats fly low. Think of all the wild animals killed by vehicles. As soon as construction equipment leaves, the wildlife moves back. I know for a fact animals are smarter than many people.

If you think you own the ridges, pay taxes on them.

America needs jobs! Local people worked and still are at the 2 sites. Parts made in New Hampshire and other parts of America. The blades are made in Germany.

It's a pity people ruin friendships over windmills, politics and religions.

Joan Gammell

Newark, Vt.


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