Worry in Sheffield

To the Editor:

After attending Sheffield's Town Meeting and wondering why my point of view wasn't well received I was reminded of a class in logic I once took. The premise of logic is every choice over time must come to a conclusion, no stopping it. If at any time a step toward conclusion is absurd then the original also.

Voters cut municipal taxes by 80 percent (0 change in school taxes) an excellent reward for property owners too much so, if the idea is to in the end improve the town, because we also have no zoning. Low taxes, no zoning open land equals development (logic). Some property owners will cash in big, good for them, for those of us want to stay, not so good. Town will never be the same.

Many times over different discussions we heard 'if it ain't broke don't fix it.' I own 40 acres that look into every sunset and I thought I'd live out my days here but now? I think we broke it, we must use logic when we make our next decisions because we aren't going to get many chances to do this right.

John Simons

Sheffield, Vt.


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