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Wow! Are You Serious - Steve Fortin

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Wow! Are you serious?

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Chan Ka Hang and if I wrote your name wrong I apologize right up front. Are you serious that you are saying Hong Kong is cleaner than St. Johnsbury? (Does that include the government itself?)

Well, you have me beat because I have never been to Hong Kong and probably will never go there. With all the problems there are in the world and even in St. J, one thing we do not need is the police on every street corner in town like they do in Hong Kong if what Mr. Chan Ka Hang said is correct. I know the police in this country have better things to do than stand on street corners and hand out $242 tickets. (But, hey, Lyndonville might be interested.)

If this is something that really concerns this young man then I would say when he goes for a walk on a moonlit night that he bring along a plastic bag like the responsible animal owners do and clean it up so others will not step in the stuff and if you come across the people that are not being responsible then just tell them out load as to maybe embarrass them into cleaning up after their animals.

But please, I know you are at that old age of 17, (I cannot even remember back that far) do think a little before you compare our beautiful country to the place you come from.

All I can say is St. J was a beautiful place before, and it will still be a beautiful place when you go back to Hong Kong. All anyone has to do is read what you said in the paper and they can see that you came from a place where you had better do what the government says or else.

So please when you go home take some of our freedom home with you so maybe you will be able to speak up at home about any subject you want without being hung in the town square.

I really hope you enjoy your visit here and remember you are a visitor here and learn what you can.

Have a nice day and enjoy our freedom here in the USA.

Steve Fortin

Beautiful St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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