Write-In Amos Bell

To the Editor:

This Tuesday the voters of Brunswick, Kirby, Concord, Granby, Guildhall, Lunenburg, Maidstone, and Victory get to choose who will represent their party in the general election for state representative.

Although there are many choices on the Republican ballot, my father, Amos Bell, won't be among them. As an Independent he won't be listed on any party ballot, but I'll be writing him in.

For years politicians have placed a premium on ideology rather than on what's best for their constituents, and have plotted the failure of the other party rather than work together to plan for the success of our state. The constant blame may score partisan points, but it doesn't lead to solutions. It wastes time and a good deal of our very limited resources.

During this election cycle the Republican politicians will tell you that if you send them to Montpelier they will stop the radical agenda of the Democrats. Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, in reality it won't happen. Here in Vermont, Democrats have a super majority in the House, holding just about two-thirds of the seats. Electing someone to be a member of a vocal minority that is unwilling to compromise will only further isolate our district when it comes time to get our tax dollars back by way of services.

The most important document in American History, the Declaration of Independence, is itself a product of compromise. Thomas Jefferson's original draft had over 80 changes made to it before it was accepted by all 56 signers and ratified. If he had stubbornly said, "I'm not going to work with you because we have different political philosophies," the United States of America would never have been born.

Amos Bell is a fiscal conservative, with three main goals: to create an environment in our state and district that will attract jobs; to lower the heavy tax burden; and to make government more frugal. He won't abandon these goals, but he won't be unwilling to work with other lawmakers to create consensus.

Amos Bell has principles. Fiscal conservative though he may be, he believes that the most vulnerable in society - children and the elderly -- as well as our veterans, should be cared for. As a Life Member of the NRA and a former Hunter Education Instructor, he appreciates and respects Vermont's traditions of hunting and gun ownership. When working on a farm, he learned the value of putting in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. He believes that personal responsibility is important, and that people who are unwilling to make an effort to help themselves shouldn't expect a handout, especially when our state is trying to make ends meet. These aren't just his values; these are old Vermont values.

No matter what your party, please join me in sending a message to the political establishment: we want solutions, not stagnation, and progress, not partisanship. Write-in Amos Bell on Tuesday, because we deserve better.

Joshua Bell,

Lunenburg, Vt.


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