Yes, 'unbearable'

To the Editor:

I love a snarky front page headline as much as the next person ... but maybe not so much when it's clearly meant to belittle serious concerns raised by our fellow Vermonters in Lowell.

'Unbearable' Noise"? you asked (I can almost see someone making quotation marks in the air with both hands; I love that, too).

Yes: unbearable. Noise generated by industrial wind times may sound alternately, even within the course of 30 minutes, like an airplane flying overhead but never flying away, a stop and go hum, an incessant roar, an interstate highway. You don't think that sounds unbearable? Maybe not if you're used to living off the New Jersey Turnpike. How about if you've chosen to live your life -- and invest your life -- in the peace and quiet of the Northeast Kingdom?

Worse yet, in many cases the noise is worse inside homes near the turbines. Read what is happening in Falmouth, Mass. ("Life Under the Blades"). And perhaps worse of all, sometimes the most damaging impacts can't be heard, just felt: pressure causing headaches, insomnia, vertigo.

They tried to 'warn' us.

Patricia Turner

Newark, Vt.


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