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Its artificial skin lies with a varnish of wear and history. Residing in the east corner of the shop, it waits for a passerby to foresee its true value. Able to bare the heaviest load, it is now just a talking-piece. Burdened by verbal depreciation in which time has not been kind. People are quick to judge its faded glamor, vacant compartments, and previous importance. It once was a hot commodity, attracting interest in politicians, businesspeople, and laborers alike. But now it sits, shaded by the more desired antiques at the west end of the store. It is weighed by time since construction and desperately looks to reinvent itself from its learned reputation. But like all well-built scales, they do not crumble with time, for they are constructed with resilience. St Johnsbury has emerged from the dust and has begun its journey to the front of the store once again.