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Dustin Craig, 42, of Derby, was stopped on VT Route 105 and arrested for driving under the influence, Vermont State Police said. According to a report, Craig exhibited indicators of impairment while speaking with troopers and was brought into custody. He was later released on a citation to appear in Orleans County Superior Court Aug. 13.

Marilyn Ginette Hatch-Ruiter, 81, of Groton, Vt. went to be with her Lord and Savior on July 17, 2019 passing away peacefully with her two daughters at her side and her favorite hymn, Amazing Grace, playing next to her. Ironically, two red cardinals appeared at her window on the birdfeeder as she drew her final breaths. We believe this was God’s way of telling us it was time for her to go to heaven.

Blissfully gliding across the open range of western Colorado on motorcycles with my wife and several good friends, we stopped for a break at a small town gas station. A television was on and a story appeared about President Donald Trump’s recent tweet about four certain Congresswomen. It was the first I’d heard of it. As I pondered the President’s latest self-imposed public relations nightmare I knew it was only a matter of time before my phone was ringing. As Senate Minority Leader the responsibility of responding to such things comes with the territory.

Nationally the economy (Republican in the making) is booming, millions of new jobs are being created - oppressive regulations on businesses are being repealed - the stock market keeps reaching new highs and Republican tax cuts have put more money in our pockets. Many businesses, even in Vermont, are passing on these benefits by giving cash bonuses to their employees. Overall, though, in Vermont things are different. Population is stagnant. Our student population is insufficient for our schools, so they have been forced to consolidate or close. Our graduates, young potential workers, face a scarce “good job” market and are leaving to follow their dreams elsewhere. Small businesses, being strangled with over-regulation, are struggling or closing. Businesses that are able are locating elsewhere in pursuit of tax friendly environments. Seniors, finding it increasingly harder to justify living here are heading south.

What is wrong with being a Republican? Well, actually nothing in my book. I have been a Republican all my voting life except for a very short time feeling more independent. I think someone named Nixon was embarrassing me at the time. Let me tell you what I think is right about being Republican.

Chairman Anthony Roisman of the Public Utility Commission has made it official. Vermont is facing a “Pearl Harbor moment.” We in Vermont must launch a “wartime effort” like the United States did in 1942, to establish dominance over the lurking menace of “climate change.”