Community College Propels Local Entrepreneur

Meg Brown (Courtesy MegaBug Photography)

By the time she graduated from Profile School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, Meg Brown had earned 18 college credits and was already a second semester college freshman. Today, she owns two businesses in Littleton, and she credits at least a part of her entrepreneurial success to what she learned in and out of the classrooms at White Mountains Community College.

“One of the most significant things that helped me was the diversity of students at White Mountains,” Brown explains. “There were veterans, single moms, people who were changing their careers and younger people like myself. That diversity really prepared me for being a businessperson and being able to relate to different people.”

Brown started her college career at WMCC’s Littleton campus through the Running Start Program, a partnership between New Hampshire high schools and the state’s community colleges. She continued her education at Lyndon State College in Vermont but still continued taking classes at WMCC “because it was closer to me and significantly less expensive.”

She decided to transfer to WMCC, where she earned a Liberal Arts degree. Then Brown returned to Lyndon State, graduating with a bachelor’s in English, with a concentration in Journalism and Creative Writing, as well as an associate degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, in December 2014.

Brown, now 23, completed her studies in two-and-a-half years, graduating with no student debt. She earned several scholarships and also worked throughout her college career, as a teller and residential loan assistant at a local bank and as executive director of the Franconia Notch Regional Chamber of Commerce. During her final year in college, she was responsible for running the entire organization, marketing local businesses and encouraging tourists to visit the area.

“That was the hardest college semester ever, going to school full-time and working full-time,” Brown shares.

Brown also started her first business, MegaBug Photography, while she was still in school in 2013 – though she had no academic training in the subject beyond her high school days.

“Photography has been my passion since I was 11, but I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and having as little debt as possible is a good way to start a business. In college, I wanted to earn a degree that would help me on the business side,” she explains. “I also had a passion for writing and wanted to pursue a formal education in that to open up further opportunities for myself.”

The young entrepreneur, who was already running a successful product, business and portrait photography business, launched her second company in 2016. NutMeg Media offers its clients marketing, copywriting, graphic design and web design services.

“Marketing came into play when I realized how much fun it was to market my first business,” she said. “I did some work in marketing for the Franconia Notch Chamber and discovered that I’m pretty good at it.”

Along the way, she discovered that White Mountains Community College is also pretty good at preparing students for the world of business.

To learn more about the academic options offered by White Mountains Community College, visit or call 603-752-1113.


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