DANVILLE -- There will be a new look for the Danville boys basketball team this season in more than just one way. With the loss of eight seniors and a new coach on the sidelines, the Indians are hoping for a smooth transition.

quot;As I look through my roster I see some very experienced senior leaders and some young talent coming up,quot; said first-year coach and former Lyndon State College star Jim Nelson. quot;I am very excited coming into this program as a first-year coach and will be counting on a lot of leadership from my seniors.quot;

Those seniors account for all of the returning players to the Indians squad. Darren Pritchard and Eric Kittredge will head up Danville#039;s backcourt while Earl Morrison and Casey White bring size and experience to the Indians#039; front line.

Pritchard has great speed and will bring defensive intensity to the floor each night and Kittredge has a very aggressive nature and won#039;t back down from any challenge. Both front line players have the ability to rebound the ball very well and are capable of having a big night offensively at any time.

quot;I think the transition from one coach to another has been a positive one for the players,quot; added Nelson. quot;The players feel very comfortable with me and I have a lot of confidence in them. I believe in the players#039; ability and competitive nature.quot;

Junior guards Anthony Rose and Tyler Chamberlain come to the varsity level for the first time where they will be looking to make a solid contribution as will senior center Peter Craig.

A promising sophomore class has three players that will compete for time on the hardwood this winter, Justin White, Brett White and Caleb Foy.

quot;We play in a very competitive league and every game is going to be tough,quot; said the Indians coach. quot;Getting a new game plan has been a slow process and we must mesh together as a team to make it happen.quot;

quot;The boys are a very high energy group which makes it possible for us to play a fast-paced game and a very aggressive style of basketball,quot; said Nelson. quot;My long-term goal is to have everything in place by February.quot;


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