lt;bgt;Village Sports Shoplt;/bgt;

Russell Chapman, Lyndonville in Concord, 113.6, 6; Allen D. Young, Lyndonville in Kirby, 217.4, 8; Mark T. Dekoyer, St. Johnsbury in St. Johnsbury, 141, 8; Eric L. Hazard, East Haven, in St. Johnsbury, 146.8, 6.

David M. Allard, Lyndon in Lyndon, 151.4, 5; Russell A Riendeau, Lyndonville in Kirby, 124.8, 2; James E. Carreau, Lyndonville in Brighton, 191, 10.

lt;bgt;Marty#039;s 1st Stoplt;/bgt;

Brock Garrand, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 197, 6; Wayne Ester, Milton, N.H. in Danville, 139, 4; Steven Fenoff, Danville in Danville, 144.5, 7; Dennis Smith, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 123,5; Kermit Dwyer, St. Johnsbury in St. Johnsbury, 122.5, 6.

Jamey Bubbo, Danville in Marshfield, 129, 2; Chris Rivers, Barre in Montpelier, 150.5, 4; Corey Gonyaw, St. Johnsbury in St. Johnsbury, 138, 4; Tracey Lee, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 168.5, 8; Daniel Squires, Lyndonville in Sutton, 145.5, 4.

Stanley Likowich, Lyndonville in Danville, 166.5, 4; Craig Racenet, Danville in Danville, 109.5, 2; Dennis Noyes, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 125.5, 2; Byron Calkins, Harland in Danville, 182.5, 9; John Reed, St. Johnsbury in Standard, 158, 6.

Chad Stewart, Sheffield in Danville, 101.5, 4; Vernon Moyse, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 160.5, 8; Chrryl Pixley, St. Johnsbury in Barnet, 111.5, 2; Robert Tweedie, St. Johnsbury in Waterford, 111, 2; Normand Daigneault St. Johnsbury in Peacham, 138.5, 8.

Richard Jarry Lyndon Center in Lyndon, 142, 6; Dennis Aldrich, Lyman in Waterford 131.5, 2; Dean Marchand N. Scituate, R.I. in Waterford, 134, 7; Phil Harpin St. Johnsbury in Newark, 136.5, 4; Geroge Horne St. Johnsbury in Danville, 138.5, 4.

Donald Moore Peacham in Peacham, 131.5, 7; Brad Reed St. Johnsbury in Danville, 136.5, 5; Leonard Noyes Concord in Barnet, 114.5, 4.

Muzzleloader Season

Daniel Hale Concord in Barnet, 131.5, doe; Dustin Dunbar West Danville in Cabot 122, doe; Milton Percy, St. Johnsbury in Cabot, Charles Palmer Danville in Danville, 127.5 doe; Arthur Joy Bath, N.H. in Cabot, 131, doe.

Steven Lowrey St. Johnsbury in Stratford, 116, doe; Deborah Renault St. Johnsbury in Stratford, 120, doe; John Charrons North Danville in Cabot, 151, doe; Everett Drew Danville in Newbury, 132, doe; Don Woods, Danville in Danville, 116, 2.

Michael Morse Topsham in Topsham, 133, 8; David Verge Danville in Waterford, 113, 3; Mark Dunbar, West Danville in Cabot, 116.5, doe; Diane Bradley Barnet in Peacham, 94.5, 5; Ben Christie Waterford in Cabot, 96.5, doe.

William Jewel St. Johnsbury in Barnet, 106.5, doe; Kevin Fisher St. Johnsbury Center in Cabot, 46.5, doe; Kenneth Gosland Peacham in Peacham, 131.5, doe; Ray Blodgett Houston, Ak, in North Danville, 157, 4; Joseph Boivin, Danville in Danville, doe, 99.


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