Lyndon Institute senior catcher Colby Zaun stung the ball last week but that’s nothing new.

She went off on the Hartford Hurricanes for an inside-the-park home run, two doubles, a single a four RBIs in a 27-1 win over Hartford. Held to 1-for-3 the next game against Thetford, the senior again broke out Friday at Randolph. In their second straight 23-1 win in a row, Zaun helped make the Ghosts vanish with a homer, double and two RBIs.

After this past Monday’s come-from-behind 7-5 win over Oxbow, in which the Vikings rallied from a 5-1 hole in the bottom of the sixth inning an the first time this season they’ve had to battle all seven innings, the Vikings are 14-0 going into next week’s playoffs.

In this, her last chance at a title after four varsity seasons, “we’d like it, but improvement is the first thing, and hopefully that leads to a title,” the 17-year-old replied. “It’s one game at a time.”

Dream destination: The Amazon

Favorite athlete to watch: Addison Russell

Favorite thing to cook: Pancakes

Dream job: Wildlife biologist

One thing you can’t live without: My brother

Favorite person you’ve never met: Yogi Berra

Funniest teammate: Brittney Caron

Best restaurant in town: The Diner

Biggest fear: Disappointing people

What song makes you crank the volume: Rearview Town, Jason Aldean

Best coach: Frank Leafe (soccer), Craig Simpson (softball mentor)


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