GROVETON -- In the four-minute overtime on Saturday, the Groveton boys managed to do what they weren#039;t able to do for the 32 minutes of regulation and that was to dispense of Pittsfield. The Eagles outscored the Panthers, 11-4 in the extra session and won their second game of the season, 75-70. Mike Kenison was the reason with 32 points and 15 rebounds.

quot;We lucked out today, there wasn#039;t a lot of energy,quot; offered coach Mark Collins. quot;The first two or three minutes we had some stuff then when Dagan (Cloutier) got into foul trouble, we didn#039;t get much after that. We know it#039;s going to be a struggle.quot;

In those first few minutes, the hosts pressured their way to a quick lead, 11-5. Dagan Cloutier and Mike Kenison had a couple of baskets each, but then Matt Cheevers lit up the place with a trio of triples and 11 points in eight minutes. Pittsfield was within two and three minutes later were ahead by one, 20-19. Cloutier kept a close eye on the sharp shooters from then on.

Kenison hit double digits for 10 in the eight minutes before halftime that kept the Eagles ahead by a slim single point, 30-29 and the sizable sophomore hit another nine in the third. Scott Dickerson took over with the trifectas and nailed three around the quarter change that gave the Panthers a point edge, 45-40 heading into the last eight minutes of regulation.

quot;Kenison dominated the game,quot; said Collins. quot;Scott Landers had a big second half and Bobby (Perras) hit a big three. Just no energy in our press and we stopped running.quot;

Kenison with two quick ones and Scott Landers on a feed from Cloutier regained the lead for Groveton. Landers slinked around the baseline for 11 second-half points, including a pair of three-point plays that saved the Eagles.

Perras evened the score at 54 with his triple and nearly six minutes to go as Pittsfield threatened to pull away. Dickerson kept the Panthers in the hunt especially with his driving layup with seven seconds to go that knotted the score.

The game was won in the first two minutes of the overtime when Chad Dingman from the inside and Mike Kenison on a baseline drive and a put-back made it six unanswered points. The rest were foul shots for the Eagles and Bob Perras and Landers made five. Pittsfield tried some triples, but they didn#039;t work this time.

The Groveton boys had to play extra minutes before they pulled off a second win in a row. Next is a road trip to neighboring Stratford on Tuesday and Groveton will host Lin-Wood on Friday.

Pittsfield 70

N.MacDonald 3-5-11; Cheever 6-2-18; Dickerson 7-1-19; Lammott 1-3-5; Adam 3-0-7; R.MacDonald 5-0-10. Totals 25-11-70.

Groveton 75

Keddy 2-0-4; M.Kenison 13-6-32; Cloutier 3-3-9; N.Perras 0-0-0; Shannon 0-0-0; D.Kenison 1-0-2; B.Perras 2-2-7; Dingman 4-0-8; Hibbard 1-0-2; Landers 3-5-11. Totals 29-26-75.

Pittsfield 13 16 16 19 6-70

Groveton 15 15 14 20 11-75

3-pointers: P-Cheever 4, Dickerson 4; G-Perras

Fouled out: P-Adams

Records: Pittsfield 1-1; Groveton 2-0

lt;bgt;Colebrook 61, Concord Christian 37lt;/bgt;

COLEBROOK -- Colebrook notched its second victory of the year on Saturday night as they defeated Concord Christian 61-37.

Sean Edwards paced the Mohawks with 10 points, five rebounds and five assists while Brian White added eight points, six rebounds and six steals.

quot;We looked a lot better defensively but we still have a lot to work on,quot; said Mohawk coach Buddy Trask. quot;Our scoring was pretty balanced and the kids passed the ball around well.quot;

Colebrook (2-0) will travel to Lisbon next Friday at 7 p.m.

Concord Christian 37

Bolter 1-2-4; Roach 1-0-2; Donati 1-0-2; Clark 0-2-2; D. Shaugnessy 2-0-4; Fowler 1-0-2; J. Shaugnessy 2-2-6; Woodward 6-2-15; Totals 14-8-37

Colebrook 61

Boutin 3-0-7; Edwards 3-4-10; Ladd 2-2-6; T. Crawford 2-0-4; J. White 3-1-7; Gooch 2-0-5; B. White 2-4-8; R.Frizzell 3-3-9; Boire 1-2-4; K. Frizzell 0-1-1; Totals 21-17-61

Concord Christian 4 2 14 17 - 37

Colebrook 24 20 12 5 - 61

3-pointers: Colebrook - Boutin, Gooch; Woodward

Fouled Out: none

Records: Colebrook 2-0; Concord Christian 1-2

Referees: Robert Hood and Tim Purrington

lt;bgt;Girls Basketball

Littleton 54, Belmont 33lt;/bgt;

BELMONT, N.H. -- Kate Ramsey led Littleton to a 54-33 victory over Belmont as she tallied 20 points and pulled down 11 rebounds.

Liz Donnelly added 18 points and five rebounds while Stephanie Bisson had 14 points, seven rebounds and five assists.

quot;As a team we played very controlled basketball on both ends of the floor,quot; said Crusaders coach Ron Bartholomew. quot;Jill Wante and Stephanie Bisson both had good games for us and we made 15-of-19 foul shots.quot;

quot;Our three veterans really came through tonight,quot; added the Crusader coach.

Littleton (2-1) will be in Woodsville on Tuesday night for a 7:30 p.m. game.

Littleton 54

Wante 0-0-0; Donnelly 6-4-18; Bisson 5-4-14; Laflamme 0-0-0; Ramsey 6-7-20; McCabe 1-0-2; Spaulding 0-0-0; Dodge 0-0-0; Totals 18-15-54

Belmont 33

Jalbert 1-0-3; Field 3-1-7; Duggan 3-1-7; Duhamel 1-0-2; Hooker 2-0-4; Roberts 4-0-8; Dionne 1-0-2; Totals 16-2-33

Littleton 13 17 19 5 - 54

Belmont 3 13 10 7 - 33

3-pointers: LHS - Donnelly 2, Ramsey; Belmont - Jalbert

Fouled Out: none

Records: LHS 2-1; Belmont 3-1

lt;bgt;Groveton 40, Pittsfield 47lt;/bgt;

GROVETON -- Paced by Jen Kiley#039;s 16 points, Pittsfield toppled Groveton on their home floor 47-40.

Kristy Collins posted 11 points to lead the Eagles.

quot;We just need somebody to step up and be a leader,quot; said Groveton coach Gary Jeness. quot;We aren#039;t playing very well right now and we have everybody back from last year.quot;

Groveton (2-1) will play home against Stratford on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Pittsfield 47

J. Kiley 6-0-16; Lesko 5-1-11; Hill 1-0-2; K. Kiley 2-0-5; Melvin 3-1-7; Esquivel 3-0-6; Totals 20-2-47

Groveton 40

Paradis 3-3-9; Tetreault 1-1-3; Brassard 3-0-6; Hickey 2-0-5; Collins 4-2-11; Landry 0-0-0; Paquette 0-0-0; Kennett 0-0-0; Fogg 2-0-4; Bailey 1-0-2; Totals 16-6-40

Pittsfield 12 14 14 7 - 47

Groveton 9 14 9 8 - 40

3-pointers: Pittsfield - J. Kiley 4, K. Kiley; Groveton - Hickey, Collins

Fouled Out: Pittsfield - J. Kiley

Records: Pittsfield 4-0; Groveton 2-1

lt;bgt;Colebrook 62, Concord Christian 30lt;/bgt;

COLEBROOK -- Katie Edwards off the bench for Colebrook Academy scored 20 points to lead the Mohawks over Concord Christian on Saturday, 62-30.

Colebrook outscored the Kingsmen in all four quarters.

Rachel Guerdet paced Concord Christian with 10 points.

quot;Edwards, a freshman, had a real good game off the bench,quot; said CA coach Rob Maxwell. quot;She had 20 points, eight rebounds and four steals.quot;

quot;Overall we played a good man-to-man defense and didn#039;t allow them to go to the foul line. On offense we took care of the ball only turning it over 14 times.quot;

The Mohawks (4-0) play at Lisbon on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

Concord Christian 30

Laurie 1-0-2; Doane 1-0-2; Guerdet 4-0-10; Kilman 3-0-6; Corall 4-0-8; Peer 1-0-2; Totals 14-0-30

Colebrook 62

Howland 1-0-2; Jeffers 3-1-7; Trask 3-3-9; Edwards 9-2-20; Woodard 3-1-7; Fucco 0-1-1; Lemieux 4-1-9; White 3-1-7; Totals 26-10-62

Concord Christian 6 11 7 6 - 30

Colebrook 13 15 15 19 - 62

3-pointers: CC - Guerdet 2

Fouled Out: none

Records: Concord Christian 1-4, Colebrook 4-0

Referees: Robert Hood, Tim Purrington


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