By ED DEAN Sports Correspondent

LYNDON CENTER - Despite a gray day and some rain, the Lyndon Institute track teams strutted their stuff Tuesday afternoon in their only home meet of the season. The Vikings won the boys' meet with 141 final points against Rice (69), Thetford (34), Burke (6), and Canaan (0). The LI girls' track team, meanwhile, notched a second-place team finish behind Rice.

In the boys' meet, David Noyes threw the javelin a winning distance of 151'9quot; and then strolled over to the long jump pit where he won that event with a leap of 18'7quot;. Noyes continued to rack up points for the Vikes in the triple jump (37'11quot;) and a stellar sprint in the Vikings' winning 4x100 relay race.

Double-event winner Jason Wimbiscus put some more points on the board for LI as he won the 110 hurdles (16.9) and the high jump (5'10quot;).

LI's Ryan McDonald zoomed to victory in the 100-meter dash, crossing the finish line at 10.55.

T.J. Tanner won the discus event with a throw of 114'0quot;.

On the girls' side, LI pole-vaulter extraordinaire, Anne Morrison, made pole-vaulting look easy as she cleared 7'0quot; to win the event on her first attempt.

Megan Barber tossed more points LI's way as she won both the long jump (14'11 1/2quot;) and the 100-meter dash (12.14).

In a dramatic come-from-behind finish, LI's Mary Hever kicked past Faburg from Rice on the gun lap and staved off the Little Indian in the home stretch to find victory at 13:44.3 in the two-mile run.

4x800M Relay -1. Lyndon 9:39.8; 2. Rice 10:03.7.

110M Hurdles - 1. Jason Wimbiscus, LI, 16.9; 2. Gearheart R; 3. Abrami, R; 4. N. Wimbiscus, LI; 5. Berman, LI.

Javelin - 1. David Noyes, LI, 151'9quot;; 2. Wheeler, LI, 136'9quot;; 3. T.J. Tanner, LI, 118'2quot;; 4. Allard, LI, 117'0quot;; 5. Welch, LI, 114'0quot;.

100M - 1. Ryan McDonald, LI, 10.55; 2. Chambelain, LI 10.81; 3. Richardson, LI 11.01; 4. Cromack, BMA, 11.10; 5. Yuous, BMA, 11.21.

Mile - 1. Milanese, TA, 4:57; 2. Perry, TA; 3. Carter, LI; 4. Crow, BMA; 5. Krauss, LI.

Shot Put - 1. Dooley, BMA, 39'11quot;; 2. Elmes, LI, 39'10quot;; 3. Schaafsma,TA; 4. T.J. Tanner, LI; 4. 5. J. Dooley, BMA.

Long Jump - 1. D. Noyes, LI, 18'7quot;; 2. McDonald, LI, 18'5; 3. Chamberlain, LI, 18'31/2quot;; 4. Mastrolia, BMA, 16'11quot;; 5. Clark and Wheeler, LI, (tie) 16'4quot;.

Triple Jump - 1. Noyes, LI, 37'11quot;; 2. Mastrolia, BMA; 3. McDonald, LI; 4. Maguire, BMA.

4x100M Relay - 1. Lyndon 46.78; 2. Rice, 47.91; 3. Thetford, 52.1.

400M- 1. Cromack, BMA, 55.47; 2. M. Strzempko, LI, 55.87; 3. Hughes, BMA, 56.32; 4. Richardson, LI, 57.03; 5. D. Strzempko, LI, 58.5.

Discus- 1. T.J. Tanner, LI, 114'0quot;; 2. Allard, LI; 3. Schaafsma TA; 4. Noyes, LI; 5. Carlson, LI.

330M Hurdles - 1. Abrami, R, 45.58; 2. J. Wimbiscus, LI, 46.13; 3. D. Wimbiscus, LI, 48.2; 4. Stryker, TA, 50.93; 5. Berman, LI, 53.14.

Pole Vault - 1. Smith, LI, 10'0quot;; 2. Armstrong, LI, 8'6quot;; 3. Litton, LI, 7'0quot;.

800M - 1. Charles, R, 2:26.5; 2. Creaven, LI, 2:31.8; 3. McGuire, R; 4. Easterbrook, LI; 5. Goff, R.

High Jump - 1. Jason Wimbiscus, LI, 5'10quot;; 2. Nathan Wimbiscus, LI, 5'6quot;; 3. Walther, LI; 4. Clark, LI; 5. Goff, R.

200M - 1. Abrami, BMA, 24.75; 2. Chamberlain, LI; 3. Noyes, LI; 4. Hughes, BMA; 5. Cromack, BMA.

2 Mile Run - 1. Mellanies, TA, 10:55; 2. Stryker, TA, 11:10; 3. Krauss, LI, 11:14; 4. Charles, BMA, 11:18; 5. Crow, BMA, 11:20.

4x400 Relay - 1. Lyndon, 4:05.9; 2. Thetford, 4:11.9; 3. Rice, 4:14.4.


Rice, 113, Lyndon 102, Thetford 31, Burke 20.

4x800 Relay - 1. Rice, 11:20; 2. Lyndon, 11:27.02.

Discus - 1. Cortney Gorham, LI, 92'2quot;; 2. Grossman, TA; 3. Wagner, R; 4. Drew, LI.

110M Hurdles - 1. O'Brien, R, 18.40; 2. Farmen, BMA; 3. Mangan, BMA; 4. C. O'Brien, BMA; 5. Larau, BMA.

Long Jump - 1. Megan Barber, LI, 14'11 1/2quot;; 2. C. O'Brien, R; 3. Morse, LI; 4. J. O'Brien, R; 5. Edwards, R.

100M - 1. Megan Barber, LI, 12.14; 2. Morrison, LI, 12.36; 3. Nelson, LI; 4. Marseau, R; 5. Hughes, R.

Mile - 1. Basant, R, 5:46.9; 2. Hever, LI; 3. Jordan, BMA; 4. Clark, TA; 5. Wood, TA.

4x100 - 1. Lyndon, 56.86; 2. Rice, 58.98; 3. Burke, 60.04.

Javelin - 1. Stoddard, LI, 105'3quot;; 2. Gorham, LI; 3. Langston, BMA; 4. Bongiorno, BMA; 5. Wood, TA.

High Jump - 1. O'Brien, R, 4'8quot;; 2. Drlessenger, R; 3. Stoddard, LI; 4. Drew, LI; 5. Morse, LI.

Shot Put - 1. Godburn, R, 28'6quot;; 2. Grossman, TA 26'7quot;; 3. Stoddard, LI, 25'3quot;; 4. Chasse, LI, 23'8quot;; 5. Lafoss, LI, 23'5quot;.

400M - 1. Garrison-Botsford, TA, 1:09.55; 2. Senecal, R; 3. Bouday, R; 4. Wozniak, LI; 5. Phelan, LI.

Triple Jump- 1. C. O'Brien, R, 30'1 3/4quot;; 2. J. O'Brien, R; 3. Morse, LI; 4. Barber, LI; 5. Driessleinger, R.

330M Hurdles - 1. Fareman, R, 55.41; 2. Langston, R; 3. Arnold, R; 4. Babcock, R.

Pole Vault - 1. Anne Morrison, LI, 7'0quot;; 2. Armstrong, LI, 6'6quot;.

800M - 1. Jordan, R, 2:45.7; 2. Senecal,R; 3. Grossman, TA; 4. Reed, TA; 5. Laramee, LI.

200M - 1. Wade, R, 30.56; 2. Clark, TA; 3. Nelson, LI; 4. Garrison, TA; 5. Rabideaux, R.

2 Mile Run - 1. Mary Hever, LI, 13:44.3; 2. Fahey, R; 3. Koenig, LI; 4. Koah, R.

4x400 Relay - 1. Rice, 4:55; 2. Lyndon, 5:01.9; 3. Thetford, 5:10.


St. Johnsbury Academy, 165, Milton, 53.5, Mt. Abraham, 31.5, Danville, 20.

ST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers brought the full force of their prowess in track and field to bear Tuesday afternoon as both the SJA girls and boys track teams won stunning victories over Mt. Abraham, Milton, and Danville for their second straight sweep of the season.

Laurie Lang was instrumental in securing the victory for the Hilltoppers as she garnered wins in the high jump (5'0quot;), 400 meter dash (1:02.8), and lent her sprinting talents to SJA's winning 4x400-meter relay and 4x100-meter relay teams.

In the boys' meet, the opposition found its hopes of victory fading when it realized it was competing in Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood - as in Matt Robinson's Neighborhood - where the stalwart Hilltopper won the 100-meter dash in 11.59, won the shot put with a throw of 51'6quot;, won the discus with a hurl of 139'9quot;, and made himself at home with a fast leg on the 'Toppers' winning 4x100 relay team.

quot;Everyone is starting to look better, things are starting to look up,quot; said SJA Coach Bruce Johnson.

The Danville Indians put forth some strong efforts in the lanes as well.

In the 4x800 relay, the Danville boys took second place in 9:27 with a team of Phil Johnson, Dylan Bertolini, Derek Laferriere and Brad Calkins.

Danville's Alex Scott nabbed fourth in the 100-meter dash in 12.10 and teammate Rob Woodard ran the 100 in 12.68. Scott took second in the 200-meter dash in 24.8 and Woodard took sixth in the 200-meter dash at 26.7. Josh Ainsworth raced to third in the 400 meter dash in 57.36. D

er, Mt. A.; 3. Thomas, SJA; 4. Lauffer, SJA; 5. Coleman, Mt. A.

3000M - 1. Hepp, M, 11:21; 2. Trautz, SJA; 3. MacLean, SJA; 4. Turmel, SJA; 5. Ward, DAN.

4x400M Relay - 1. SJA, 4:26; 2. Mt. Abe.

White Mountains, Littleton

MEREDITH, N.H. -- It was a banner day for the White Mountains Regional track teams Tuesday as both the girls and boys thinclads recorded stunning victories over Pelham, Sant Bani, and Littleton High School.

Leslie Clark placed fourth in the shot put for the Spartans in her first scoring placement this year. Keria Russell placed second in the 800 meter dash with a personal best time of 2:33.

Katie Craven triple-jumped for the first time since 7th grade and won the event. Craven also place second in the 400-meter dash and was part of the Spartans' 4x400 relay squad that placed third.

Not to be outdone, the Spartan boys fielded many excellent performances as Rick Frenette shone in the discus, hurling a best throw of 110'0quot;. Dan Turaj smoked to a first-place finish in the 100-meter dash. Freshman Charles Crawford finished fourth in the shot put. Teddy Barden finished first in the 110-meter high hurdles. Barden also won the triple jump as he improved his distance by a staggering four feet. Dan Rylands and Ken Bowels took fourth in the discus. Matt Howell raced to fifth place in the two-mile run. Dan Robarts captured first-place in the 400 meter dash.

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