2020 Area N.H. High School Girls Soccer Preview Capsules

Woodsville's Maddie Roy looks to get a cross off in New Hampshire Division IV girls soccer match with Profile on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020. (Photo by Michael Beniash)

White Mountains Spartans

Division III

Coach: Steve Welch (fourth season, 15th overall); assistants Sarah Slater, Anthony Ramos

Last Year’s Record: 7-8-1, lost in first round to Hopkinton

Graduation Losses: Jaycee Murray, Taylor Roy, Taima Ronish, Madi Huntoon, Kaidi Bedell, Meg Nelson

Returnees: Nicole Gross, Sr., D; Alyssa Fryman, Sr., F; Lexi Deming, Sr. MF; Lily Kenison, Sr., F; Olivia Shallow, Jr., MF; Clementine Southworth, Jr., MF; Carissa Challinor, Jr., GK; Abi Mason, Jr., MF; Emma Labonte, Jr., MF; Delaney Robinson, Jr., MF; Morgan Doolan, Jr., D; Josie DeAngelis, Soph., F; Jaylin Bennet, Soph., D; Madeleine Lorenz, Soph., MF.

Newcomers: Skylnn Mitchell, Jr., GK; Adrienne Foster, Jr., MF; Kaitlyn Wheeler, Soph., D; Emerson Bedell, Soph., MF; Ayanna Ronish, Soph., MF; Grace Fields, Soph., F; Ava Simpson, Fr., D.

Players To Watch: Looking at a solid senior presence with Fryman, Deming, Gross and Kenison. Shallow looks to continue a strong showing for the attack on the wing this year. Fellow juniors Challinor and Doolan will help provide defensive cover. “Looking for strong performances from younger players Madeleine Lorenz, Josie DeAngelis and Jaylin Benett, who we hope will build off their freshman performances last year,” coach Welch said.

Season Outlook: “We’re looking to build on the success of the last few years, playing competitively against fellow North Country teams (many for the first time in several years),” he added. “This team is always focused on being playoff-bound, and we are planning on extending our run in the playoffs this year.”


Littleton Crusaders

Division IV

Coach: Clinton Brown (fourth season), assistant Tristan Tuite

Last Year ‘s Record: 12-3-1

Graduation Losses: Jasmine Brown, Jackie Maker, Jillian Allaire, Faith Santo, Averie Sorrell, Jenna Doucette, Tori Fullam.

Returnees: Olivia Corrigan F, Lauren McKee MF, Nathaly Rossi D, Bre Lemay F, Anna Rocheford F, Josie Bryant M, Hannah Brown M, Carrie Meunier F, Jocelyn Cosentino F, Kaylee Manzella F, Emily Mainous G.

Newcomers: Taytum Adams D, Lauryn Corrigan F, Madison Lucas D, Kierra Charest D, Kaitlyn Ilacqua D, Jaiden Ridlon D, Hannah Whitcomb D, Taylor Nelson, manager.

Season Outlook: “I’m glad we are having a season,” Brown stated. “We graduated over half of our starters last year, defense lost four out of five, and the frontline lost two. With scrimmages being cancelled this year it has been difficult to see who works well together. We have been working on different lineups, formats, what-ifs etc., but until it’s game-tested you really do not know. This group has been working extremely hard and we look forward to a fun season.”


Profile Patriots

Division IV

Coach: Kevin Fraser (sixth season at Profile, 26th overall)

Last Year’s Record: 11-7

Graduation Losses: Sadie Young, Kesley Venezia, Iris Miller-White

Returnees: Liz Lawton, Sr., MF; Zoe Liva, Sr., D; Hannah Hodgdon, Jr., MF; Madison McLaren, Jr., F; Liv White, Jr., MF; Emerson Bell, Soph., D; Sophie Bell, Soph., F; Lily Pospesil, Soph., D; Serina Devlin, Sr., GK; Aspen Stevens, Sr., D; Grace Burnell, Jr., MF; Lola Kinney, Jr., F; Annabelle Mullins, Jr., GK; Gineva McKenzie, Soph., MF; Abby Stanley, Soph., MF; Alyiah Laleme, Soph., F.

Newcomers: All Freshmen: Mya Brown MF, Evie Burer D, Elaina DeMaggio MF, Maddie Koehler MF, Morgan Presby GK, Dana Sekelsky F, Savannah Stanley D, Ella Stevenson F, Taylor Weir D.

Players To Watch: McLaren, Sophie Bell, Pospesil, Emmi Bell; a very balanced team and anyone could be the one to watch.

Season Outlook: “With the late start to the season, the rush will be fitness, sorting out the players,” coach Fraser said. “I believe this team will be balanced and ready to challenge any team. Last year’s team had three seniors; the team now has a year of experience and many outstanding new freshman. This year looks stronger than last year, and the next few years are setting up to have great results within our division.”


Colebrook Mohawks

Division IV

Coach: Katie Parker (17th season); assistant Nikki Snow (first season)

2019 Record: 7-8-2, lost in prelims to PCA

Graduation Losses: Mackenzie Scherer, Adrianna Noyes, Adrienne LaPerle

Returnees: Sage Smith, Sr., F; Bryn Pearson, Sr., D; Allison Herres, Sr., D; Samantha Howe, Sr., MF; Kendra Lynch, Sr., MF; Sierra Riff, Soph., GK; Shyanna Fuller, Soph., MF/F; Emma McKeage, Soph., MF/F; Ariana Lord, Soph., D; Caitlyn Clark-Haynes, Fr., F/GK; Jacqueleine Champagne, 8th, F; Ayla Perry, 8th, MF; Madeleine Champagne, 8th, D; Haylie Snow, 7th, MF; Haley Rossitto, 7th, MF/F; Samantha Samson, 7th, MF; Aliyah Johnston, 7th, MF/F; Lexi Santamaria, 7th, D/MF

Players To Watch/Season Outlook: “Much of the success of the season relies heavily on the five seniors. The coaches are relying on their leadership to carry and bring the underclassmen along,” coach Parker said. “Sage Smith will have to lead the offensive charge. Her speed and one-on-one skills will have to energize the front line – which will see multiple underclassmen (McKeage, J. Champagne, Rossitto) rotating through to see who’s going to step up and help in the scoring column. Sam Howe and Kendra Lynch will have to be the enforcers at midfield. Both are capable of adding to the offense with their outside shooting.”

The defense is intact from last season. “Allison Herres and Bryn Pearson look to anchor our defense, while Lord and Riff (GK) are sophomore veterans. The four will have to work together to keep opponents at bay,” Parker noted.

It’s not the first time CA has rostered a young team of athletes, with winning results. “So far the seniors have shown great leadership and are guiding the underclassmen,” coach Parker remarked. “There probably will be some trials and tribulations during the season due to lack of experience. Nonetheless, the coaches do expect this team to persevere and show growth throughout the season.”


Woodsville Engineers

Division IV

Coach: Ann Loud (32nd season)

Last Year’s Record: 16-1-2, lost in final four

Graduation Losses: Sarah Britton, Astra Sleeper, McKenzie Dennis

Returnees: Morgan Wagstaff, Sr., D; Keatyn Horne, Sr., D; Nye Adamkowski, Sr., D; Graci Kaiser, Sr., D; Emily Farr, Jr., D; Gabby Brown, Sr., F; Maachah Krull, Sr., F; Emily Prest, Sr., F; Olivia Sarkis, Sr., F; Annabelle Townsend, St., F; Leah Krull, Jt., F; Maddie Roy, Jr., F.

Newcomers: Kaylynn Reagan, Sr., D; Anna Roy, Jr., D; Brianna Youngman, Soph., F; Paige Smith, Soph., F.

Season Outlook: With so many returning it is hard to pick one over another, we should be strong,” said coach Loud. “The key will be to stay healthy. Jaylah Hogue, Kate Vanconcelos and Dori Roy are freshmen that really stand out.”


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