2021 Coaches’ All-Capital Soccer Selections

Lyndon goaltender Nick Matteis makes a save on North Country's Cooper Brueck during a match on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021. (Photo by Michael Beniash)


As selected by the league’s coaches


Co-Players of the Year: Tanum Nelson and Louisa Thomsen, Harwood

Coach of the Year: Stephen LaRock, Paine Mountain

Press of the Year: Jaime Biggam, Times Argus

Official of the Year: Brian Barney, Emanual Riby-Williams

First Team

Tanum Nelson, Harwood, Sr.

Louisa Thomsen, Harwood, Jr.

Cierra Mckay, Harwood, Jr.

Tessa Jernigan, Harwood, Soph.

Lauren Towne, U-32, Sr.

Avery Knauss, U-32, Jr.

Lucy Genung, Stowe, Sr.

Malinn Sigler, Stowe, Sr.

Sarah Hailey, Stowe, Soph.

Becca Dupere, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Emma Korrow, Paine Mountain, Soph.

Josie Chitamber, North Country, Sr.

Charli Kellaway, North Country, Soph.

Sabine Brueck, North Country, Fr.

Chloe Mattson, Spaulding, Sr.

Paige Allen, Spaulding, Jr.

Sage Macauley, Spaulding, Jr.

Phoebe Loomis, Lamoille, Sr.

Barrett Freeman, Lamoulle, Jr.

Emma Renaudette, Lyndon, Sr.

Arya Degeorge, Lyndon, Sr.

Weslie Carlson, Peoples, Sr.

Sadie Baranyay, Peoples, Fr.

Mara Royer, Lake Region, Lake Region, Sr.

Madison Bowman, Lake Region, Soph.

Anya Kennedy, Lake Region, Fr.

Sienna Mills, Montpelier, Jr.

Grace Nostrand, Montpelier, Jr.

Anja Rand, Montpelier, Jr.

Madison Powers, Thetford, Sr.


Second Team

Emma Ravelin, Harwood, Sr.

Quinn Nelson, Harwood, Soph.

Abby Young, Harwood, Jr.

Ciera Fiaschetti, Harwood, Jr.

Clara Wilson, U-32, Fr.

Tovah Williams, U-32, Sr.

Charlotte Stevens, Stowe, Soph.

Isabel Humbert, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Meredith MacAskill, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Cora Nadeau, North Country, Jr.

Opal Beauchesne, North Country, Jr.

Lahna Descheneau, North Country, Jr.

Josi Fortin, North Country, Fr.

Rebecca McKelvey, Spaulding, Jr.

Yvonne Roberge, Spaulding, Jr.

Madelyn Hull, Spaulding, Soph.

Grace Kirk, Lamoille, Soph.

Kaylee White, Lamoille, Sr.

Carissa Brittain, Lyndon, Sr.

Julia Taylor, Lyndon, Jr.

Anna Isselhardt, Peoples, Jr.

Alexis Limlaw-Sicard, Lake Region, Sr.

Sakoya Sweeney, Lake Region, Jr.

Anika Turcott, Montpelier, Jr.

Molly Hutton, Montpelier, Jr.

Kiran Black, Thetford, Sr.

Madi Mousely, Thetford, Jr.


Honorable Mention

Rubi Murphy, Harwood, Sr.

Josie Rand, Harwood, Sr.

Addey Lilley, Harwood, Jr.

Maia Pasco, U-32, Fr.

Alyssa Fazier, U-32, Fr.

Ella Murphy, Stowe, Sr.

Olivia Gianni, Stowe, Sr.

Ellie Zimmerman, Stowe, Jr.

Fasika Parrott, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Piper Mattsson, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Autumn DeForge, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Tristin Colburn, North Country, Soph.

Reeve Applegate, North Country, Jr.

Lily Lacroix, Spaulding, Jr.

Emily Morris, Spaulding, Sr.

Annabelle Wells, Lamoille, Sr.

Essie Loomis, Lamoille, Soph.

Logan Freeman, Lamoille, Fr.

Summer Guilmette, Lyndon, Soph.

Keira Larrabee, Lyndon, Fr.

Morgan Reeve, Peoples, Jr.

Alyssa Butler, Lake Region, Jr.

Maya Auger, Lake Region, Soph.

Emily Fuller, Montpelier, Jr.

Estherline Carlson, Montpelier, Soph.

Zoe Plummer-Tripp, Montpelier, Soph.

Anya Carlson, FR Montpelier, Fr.



Capital League Co-Players of the Year: Ben Collier, Montpelier and Oliver Nigro, Peoples

Capital League Co-Coaches of the Year: Colin Crawford-Stempel, Paine Mountain and Joe Yalicki, Harwood

Media of the Year: Jamie Biggam, Times Argus

Official of the Year: Peter Rossi

First Team

Jordan Shullenberger, Harwood, Jr.

Jack Birmingham, Harwood, Jr.

Christopher James, Harwood, Sr.

Adam Porterfield, Harwood, Jr.

Ben Collier Montpelier, Sr.

Will Bruzzese, Montpelier, Sr.

Ronnie Riby-Williams, Montpelier, Sr.

Noah Samuelsen, Montpelier, Sr.

Cayde Micknak, North Country, Sr.

Cooper Brueck, North Country, Jr.

Ian Applegate, North Country, Sr.

Adrian Bryan, Stowe, Sr.

Wiley Barnett, Stowe, Sr.

Ben Nissenbaum, Stowe, Jr.

Oliver Nigro, Peoples, Sr.

Cole Grant, Peoples, Sr.

Kayl Humke, U-32, Sr.

Sean Butlner, U-32, Sr.

Caiden Crawford-Stempel, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Reed Kehler, Hazen, Sr.

Elliot Jones, Thetford, Sr.

Nick Matteis, Lyndon, Sr.

Ryan Glassford, Spaulding, Sr.


Second Team

Zachary Smith, Harwood, Soph.

Adin Combs, Harwood, Jr.

Cooper Olney, Harwood, Jr.

Brooks Duprey, Montpelier, Sr.

Sina Fallahi, Montpelier, Sr.

Felix Seiler, Montpelier, Jr.

Noah Fortin, North Country, Jr.

Austin Giroux, North Country, Sr.

Carson Matckie, Stowe, Jr.

TJ Guffey, Stowe, Jr.

Chandler Follensbee, Peoples, Jr.

Nathan Nolan, Peoples, Jr.

Finn O’Donnell, U-32, Jr.

Dylan Hinchcliffe, U-32, Jr.

Nick Passalacqua, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Ethan Miller, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Tyson Davison, Hazen, Sr.

Cody Trudeau, Hazen, Jr.

Levi West, Randolph, Sr.

Ethan Marshia, Thetford, Sr.

Mack Briglin, Thetford, Sr.

Colby Lafluer, Lake Region, Jr.

Sullivan Davis, Lyndon, Sr.

Matt Redmond, Spaulding, Soph.

George Sullivan, Lamoille, Sr.


Honorable Mention

Liam Combs, Harwood, Fr.

Brio Levitt, Montpelier, Soph.

Clayton Foster, Montpelier, Fr.

Alex Giroux, North Country, Fr.

Amos Willey, North Country, Sr.

Levi Brewer, North Country, Soph.

Henry Riley, Stowe, Jr.

Woody Reichelt, Stowe, Jr.

Evan Reichel, Stowe, Jr.

Luke Farley, Stowe, Sr.

Mathew Moeykens, Peoples, Sr.

Zander Washzuch, Peoples, Fr.

Cooper Shove, Peoples, Soph.

Ben Clark, U-32, Jr.

Logan Amell, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Pietro Cie, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Jon Tenney, Paine Mountain, Sr.

Travis Robillaird, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Tucker Hall, Paine Mountain, Jr.

Andrew Lewis, Randolph, Sr.

Benjamin Hanford, Randolph, Soph.

Fritz Junker, Thetford, Sr.

Boone Fahey, Thetford, Fr.

Liam Oliver, Lake Region, Soph.

Lincoln Racine, Lake Region, Fr.

Aiden Poginy, Lake Region, Jr.

Robbie Bowman, Lake Region, Sr.

Aiden Bogie, Lyndon, Sr.

Aiden Hale, Lyndon, Sr.

John Jesmoth, Spaulding, Sr.

Ian MacDonald, Spaulding, Sr.

Bryce Asper, Lamoille, Sr.

Jadon Baker, Hazen, Jr.

Lincoln Michaud, Hazen, Jr.

Gabe Michaud, Hazen, Soph.

Tyler Rivard, Hazen, Soph.

Xavier Hill, Hazen, Soph.


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