ST. JOHNSBURY — For 58 Vermont 4-H club members, the weekend of July 16-18 provided an opportunity to show off skills and expertise acquired through the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H Shooting Sports Program.

The occasion was the 36th annual 4-H Shooting Sports Jamboree held at the Caledonia Forest and Stream Club in St. Johnsbury. The Green Mountain 4-H Shooting Sports Club, of Lyndonville, and the Caledonia Sharp Shooters, of St. Johnsbury, hosted the event, which was sponsored by University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H.

Eight 4-H clubs were represented at the event. Contests included archery, pistol, rifle, Seneca Run (muzzleloader, hawk and knife throw, instinctive bow, fire starting), shotgun and hunting/wildlife skills. The latter entailed identification of animal skulls, feathers, furs, tracks and scat; shoot/don’t shoot hunting scenarios and a timed map and compass contest.

Among the local place winners were the following:


SENIOR (14-18): Luke McReynolds, Danville;

JUNIOR (11-13): Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Nick McReynolds, Danville


SENIOR: Uma Chirkova, Newbury; Luke McReynolds, Danville; Andy McReynolds, Danville. Honorable Mention: Jonathan Churchill, Groton

JUNIOR: Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Jackson Dwyer, Lyndonville;

NOVICE: Chloe Johnson, Concord; Baylie Smith, Concord.


SENIOR: Luke McReynolds, Danville; Uma Chirkova, Newbury;

JUNIOR: Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Nick McReynolds, Danville

NOVICE: Margaret Williams, Newbury;

PISTOL (.22 pistol or air pistol, depending on competitor’s age)

SENIOR: Taylor Tetreault, Groton; Hayley Michaud, East Hardwick;

JUNIOR: Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Abby McReynolds, Danville.


SENIOR: Colton Masure, St. Johnsbury; Taylor Tetreault, Groton

JUNIOR: Nick McReynolds, Danville;

NOVICE: Hadley Michaud, East Hardwick.


SENIOR: Jonathan Churchill, Groton; Andy McReynolds, Danville;

JUNIOR: Abby McReynolds, Danville; Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Logan Goodridge, Irasburg.


JUNIOR: Nick McReynolds, Danville; Abby McReynolds, Danville;

NOVICE: Baylie Smith, Concord.

A special award of a pocket knife was presented to Bob Hamel, Lyndonville, in recognition of his 40+ years as a Vermont 4-H volunteer and 37 years as a 4-H shooting sports volunteer. Hamel, known as “Mr. Jamboree,” works with the Green Mountain 4-H Shooting Sports Club.

To learn more about the 4-H shooting sports program and clubs, contact Lisa Muzzey, UVM Extension 4-H Shooting Sports coordinator, at


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