DAILY G.O.A.T: Who is the CR’s greatest athlete of all-time? Here’s the growing list of nominees (updated May 31)

Editor’s note: Monday, June 1 is the last day we will be accepting nominations.

We recently launched a search for the area’s greatest athlete of all-time, calling it the Caledonian-Record’s Best of Local Athletes.

Without any local events scheduled for a while, we’re looking back at the best we ever saw. Help us settle the age-old question, who was the best of the best?

What’s the criteria? We’ve wrestled with whom to include and we’re looking at athletes that are NEK/North Country natives or who played here during some part of their careers.

We’d like your help in nominating athletes. We will publish daily the growing list of reader submissions.

The nomination period will run through June 1 and will be followed by a voting period from July 1-Aug. 14. Nominations can be submitted via email to sports@caledonian-record.com.

In addition to the voting phase to determine our Best Ever, we’ll be dividing our ballot into multiple categories (Best High School; Best Olympian; Best Pro; Best College; Best Baseball; Best Basketball; Best Track; Best Hockey, Best of School, etc.).

After we receive all nominations, the format for the Caledonian-Record G.O.A.T. contest will be a 64-player tournament bracket, based on seeds (as determined by sports staff). We will reveal matchups daily online and in the paper, with short bios and photos of the nominees.

Let’s come together to put together a bracket we can all be proud of.

Here are the nominations thus far (in alphebetical order):

Ryan Ackerman

Alfred Arnold

John Bagonzi

Kyle Bailey

Lizzy Becker

Bill Beddie

Dudley Bell

Josh Berman

Eric Berry

Michaella Biron

Bryan Black

Riley Blankenship

Steve Blood

Larry Bona

Derrick Breault

Todd Brill

Jack Brown

Kelley Collins Brown

Sam Brunnette

Ken Bunnell

Elizabeth Burnham

Jake Cady

Garrett Calkins

Logan Calkins

Abby Calkins

Lyndsey Calkins

Dave Caplan

Alex Carlisle

Kevin Cassidy

Colleen Cassidy

Dave Chesbrough

Josie Choniere

Caitlin Ciccone

Orrin “Tuffy” Clark

Scott Clark

Robert Cliche

Ian Clough

Nate Cloutier

Alysia Coats

Taylor Coppenrath

Michelle Cote

Roxanne Courser

Duane Coute

Katherine Cowan

Griffin Crane

Duncan Cullman

Alex Curtis

Kaitee Daley

Henry Dalrymple

Ricky Davis

Esther Ellis Denham

Gregg Dixon

Duffy Dodge

Peter Dodge

David Dodge

Elijiah Doerfler

Alyssa Dolgin

Marissa Domanico

Karissa Doyon

Taryn Howard Drake

Jean Dubuc

Susan Dunklee

Karen Dwyer

Courtnee Eary

Gordie Eaton

Vincent M. Egizi

Tom Emery

Adam Farrar

Riley Fenoff

Travvis Ferguson

Haley Fortier

Stacey Fortin

Herbert Furse

Richard Gagnon

Rich Gale

Brock Garand

Mike Garcia

Guy Gaudreau

Hillary Gerardi

Brianna Gingue

Ronnie Gobin

Dick Greatorex

Patrick Greenan

Rory Grimes

Michael Guyer

Adrian Guyer

Nick Guyer

Jackie Guyer

Josh Guyer

Richie Hackett

Peter Handy

Ruth Hanson

Haile Hicks

Layne Higgs

Kasey Hill

Antonio Houde

Julia Houghtaling

Trevor Howard

Samantha Howe

Colton Hudson

Samantha Hughes

Kris Hultgren

Jade Huntington

Jasmine Huntington

George Huntington

Ron Huntington

Cindy Ingerson

Andrew Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Virginia “Ginny” Kimball Johnson

Dimitri Kapotis

Willy Kingsbury

Jamie Kingsbury

Jennifer Kirchoff

Bill Kittredge

Chad Knighton

Kim (Derrington) Knighton

Bruce Laferriere

Buddy Lamothe

Chip Langmaid

Ralph LaPointe

Michael Lavigne

Christopher Lavoie

Alexandra Lawson

Zachary Leach

Lilly Leach

Alexis Lefaivre

Dana Lefaivre

Lincoln Lemieux

Steve Lewis

Shane Lewis

Danielle Lewis

Duane Lynaugh

Brian McGuigan

Chantal McKeage

Mike Middleton

Bode Miller

Dage Minors

Scott Morin

Anne Morrison

Shaylan Mosher

Trevor Murphy

Jeff Nummelin

Taryn Nye

Tony Orciari

Natalie Page

Hunter Palmieri

Ethan Paquette

Gerald Parent

Chad Paronto

Chris Perreault

Brady Perron

Christine Perry

Russell “Russ” Petelle

Donald Picard

Tony Pifari

Kerrey Pilotte

Dave Pransky

Nathan Puffer

Carly Smith Rainey

Tammy Rainville

Diane Rickson

Ethan Roberts

Tony Rodd

Tonia Rodd

Ashley Rood

Lia Rotti

Jen Rotti

Hannah Rowe

Tony Sarausky

Ida Sargent

Dennis Sargent

Juana Schoff

Paul Sears

Tommy Sherrer

Mikaela Shiffrin

Danyelle Shufelt

James Shufelt

Kim Silloway

Tim J. Simpson

Tim A. Simpson

Chuck Smith

Bob Smith

Judi St. Hilaire

Heinie Stafford

Liz Stephen

Sadie Stetson

Theresa “Terri” Sullivan

Ricky Sutton

Gary Thompson

Kevin Trask

Frank Trebilcock

Robert Trucott

Dale Urie

Riley Urie

Collin Urie

Bobby Valiant

Hunter Verge

Tim Voigt

Ty Walker

Jamie Walker

Lisa Wilkins Warren

Tom Waterman

Chris Watkins

Harold Weber

Mark Weigel

Peter Weiss

Logan Wendell

Bruce Wheeler

Jeremy Wheeler

Mike White

Tom White

W. David Williams

Terri Wilson

Gabe Winkler

Julia Winn

Whitey Witt

Keith Woodward

Matt Wright

Callie Young

Mark Zangla

Colby Zaun


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