The Granite State Conference 2020 Fall All-Conference Teams, as reported to the Caledonian-Record.

Boys Soccer North

Player of the Year: Max Ritter, Profile, Sr.

Parker Paradice, Littleton, Sr.

Carson Rancourt, Colebrook, Sr.

Nathan Superchi, Lisbon, Sr.

Caleb Masson, Pittsburg-Canaan, Sr.

Will Lopus, Lisbon, Sr.

Jake Morris, Lin-Wood, Sr.

Liam Cairns, Gorham, Jr.

Corey Bemis, Woodsville, Sr.

Josh Finkle, Littleton, Sr.

Chris Corliss, Groveton, Jr.

Landon Bromley, Littleton, Sr.


Girls Soccer North

Player of the Year: Olivia Corrigan, Littleton, Sr.

Sage Smith, Colebrook, Sr.

Madisen McLaren, Profile, Jr.

Samantha Howe, Colebrook, Sr.

Madi Buteau, Gorham, Sr.

Hannah Brown, Littleton, Sr.

Lauren McKee, Littleton, Jr.

Olivia Sarkis, Woodsville, Sr.

Sophie Grondin, Pittsburg-Canaan, Jr.

Alyvia Drapeau, Lin-Wood, Sr.

Aiden Jesseman, Lisbon, Sr.

Morgan Wagstaff, Woodsville, Sr.

Leah Krull, Woodsville, Jr.


Boys Soccer South

Player of the Year: Parker Reed, Sunapee, Sr.

Josh Heino, Sunapee, Sr.

Josiah Coulombe, Concord Christian, Sr.

Henry Morgan, Holy Family, Sr.

Mitchell Tilton, Newmarket, Sr.

Mike Picard, Epping, Jr.

Jesse MacGlashing, Pittsfield, Sr.

Troy Brennan, Wilton-Lyndeborough, Jr.

Riley Chase, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Ben Milbury, Epping, Sr.

Haydn Russell, Newmarket, Sr.

Sean Brennan, Wilton-Lyndeborough, Jr.


Girls Soccer South

Player of the Year: Abigail Pollari, Sunapee, Sr.

Elise Gillis, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Morgan Hock, Newmarket, Sr.

Hannah Risteen, Concord Christian, Sr.

Jewel Young, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Liz Tschudin, Sunapee, Soph.

Madison St. George, Pittsfield, Jr.

Brooke Lane, Wilton-Lyndeborough, Jr.

Elisabeth Jacob, Wilton-Lyndeborough, Jr.

Abby Henry, Newmarket, Sr.

Jenna Needham, Epping, Sr.

Victoria Ritchie, Concord Christian, Sr.

Kleay Steever, Hinsdale, Sr.

Angelina Nardolilo, Hinsdale, Sr.



Jackson Horne, Woodsville, Soph.

Spenser Stevens, Littleton, Soph.

Anna McIntyre, Woodsville, Jr.

Brady Mathieu, Farmington, Soph.

Eril Anderson, Moultonborough, Jr.


Girls Cross Country

Izzy Pentony, Newmarket, Jr.

Katherine Gage, Derryfield, Sr.

Jessie Church, Profile, Sr.

Brianna Malone, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Runner of the Year: Liza Corso, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.


Boys Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Luke O’Halloran, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Chance Dawson, Moultonborough, Jr.

Benjamin Roy, Derryfield, Soph.

Joshua Coolidge, Epping, Soph.

Andrew Warson, Derryfield, Sr.

Sam Harrington, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.



Lindsey Hatfield, Portsmouth Christian, Sr.

Gracie Re, Epping, Jr.

Chloe Weeks, Farmington, Sr.

Jessica Sullivan, Moultonborough, Sr.

Molly Reed, Sunapee, Sr.

Ava Leeman, Nute, Sr.

Olivia Wattendorf, Franklin, Sr.

Isabella Sambuaga, Farmington, Sr.


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